Volcano causes a Wii disaster for Zavvi customer

Bitterwallet - Zavvi outlet on eBayAvid Bitterwallet reader Billy has been in touch with what will hopefully be the first in a long line of volcano-related excuses for shoddy customer services. He's pointed us towards HotUKDeals, and a customer's attempt to purchase an N-Joy Wii Balance Board from the Zavvi outlet on eBay:

Placed an order for the N-Joy Wii Fit [Balance Board] on the 15th; on the listing they state they have more then 10 in stock.

Emailed them today [19th] to find out if it's been posted to be told that they don't have any in stock and [have] a problem with deliveries from their supplier, as they "cannot meet demand" (their words, not mine).

Hopefully they should have some in by the weekend! The listing is still live with the same details [more than 10 in stock].

The biggest issue for the HUKD poster is that Zavvi continued to promote the item as "in stock", when clearly it wasn't. Well, that and the fact Zavvi refused to refund his money. By the 21st, and after an email or two apologising for the continued problems, it seemed the delay was nothing to do with supply and demand, and everything to do with the volcanic eruption in Iceland:

Just spent the last 30 minutes on the phone with Tina, a manager, trying to get a refund - "it's not a simple thing to do." I have now been told that the stock is en-route, coming via boat from wherever they are made due to the ash! Yet my order from play.com has arrived with no problems!

Really? Zavvi's suppliers normally fly their stock around the world, even though the cost is massively prohibitive when compared to shipping? No, no they don't. And that still wouldn't explain why the item was still shown as in stock on Zavvi's eBay page.

Any more magma-related excuses? Let's have them in the comments, please!


  • Yue
    Yeah, Zavvi are such a C -list company. Their system is poorly implemented and their cut an paste customer service is awfukl. And the fact they lie to you straight up is appauling. Hate them, hope they go bust. As bad as CDWOW.
  • Yue
    Jeez, poor typing on my part, new laptop...
  • MrRobin
    I'm still waiting for my refund from Easyjet for my cancelled flight on 16/4. Received an email yesterday stating that it will take up to 20 more working days to process... e.g. up to 25th May! Perhaps 39 days to get a refund when it only took 1 day to make the payment... Joke!
  • blahblahblah
    Yes, they are not the only ones! Vodafone (or at least a couple of their CS reps) have been blaming their lack of HTC Desires on the ash. I don't know enough about their stock delivery to comment with any authority, but I found that somewhat dubious...
  • Smiff
    yes there needs to be some regulation over use of the words "in stock". too many companies now don't have any stock, they just take your money and order it for you from somewhere else. so you're paying for a service. fine when it works, but they should have to tell you where things are coming from.. imho. or something. i find it deceptive anyway.
  • Keith
    Nonsense Yue, Your typing is fine - the work awfukl is perfect for the likes of Zavvi. Let's adopt it into the English language!
  • dunfyboy
    This volcano is so powerful it can rip through time and has been affecting Zavvi's delivery times for years.
  • Andy B.
  • JAY
    Zavvi are useless - i ordered a video game from them when they were selling them as part of their Mega Mondays......... two weeks later it hadn't turned up, because of demand.... eventually i received it, but it was a xbox game rather than a ps3 one.... i had to send about 4 emails before i eventually got a refund.... USELESS!
  • Hey B.
    [...] we learnt that the Icelandic volcano had been powerful enough to halt ships in the ocean, at least according to Zavvi (or as dunfyboy pointed out in the comments, the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull had seemingly [...]
  • Tim
    I've had two companies, based in mainland UK, with stock claimed to be in their mainland UK warehouse, both blame their delays in shipping via Royal Mail to another mainland UK address on the volcano! Does the ash cloud really affect Royal Mail vans now?

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