Video gamer spends £10k on one game other day, we mentioned that video gamers are buying fewer new titles and are renting more games to support their habit during the current recession, yet they actually spend more time playing than ever. One US gamer/collector named JJ Hendricks has defied that trend by paying $17,500 US - around £10,700 - for one of only 26 known copies of a special edition gold Nintendo World Championships made for a competition in 1990.

But Hendricks, a video game collector, was pleased with his purchase, considering it an absolute bargain. This is because it was 30% off the asking price of $25,000 on eBay, equivalent to about £15,400.

The game consists of segments of three NES titles: Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris, which all must be completed in 6 minutes, 21 seconds. Oh, the excitement.

Are there any "Holy Grail" video games you'd fork over thousands of pounds for? And could it be time to dig out and sell some of those vintage titles you left in that case in your mum's attic?


  • bob r.
    i bid on that and was told no postage to uk!!!!! gutted
  • billybob
    could of got a return ticket for under £400
  • Fork
    Anyone know how much a brand new, sealed limited launch tin edition of Zelda Twlight Princess would sell for (only 200 were made in the world)?
  • Peter
    @Fork The reason only 200 was made because its Zelda and is a poor video game :)
  • ctuk
    @Fork 'bout tree fiddy is the only response I can think of.
  • Pedant
    Fork I'd say it was worth OVER 9000!!!
  • Darren
    I do like some of the old games, I got some old games like leisure suit larry and Wing commander all boxed complete, but the one game, my all time favourite game that I would pay a fortune for HAS to be Monkey Island... one of THE best games... if not just for that disc that came in the box so that you could do the passcode at the beginning of the game to ensure it wasn't a pirated copy.
  • Fork
    LOL, I hope 9000 quid wasn;t a sarcastic quote! I noticed someone on Ebay selling just the tin itself in a used condition for 150 (starting price)... I've actually got two of these tin, ones sort of been opened and the other contains the sealed game. Might just give ebay a punt closer to Xmas :p Thanks for the response guys

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