Video game banned in China because it is a threat to national security

battlefield4 While gamers of the world have been playing Battlefield 4, and generally causing no trouble to anyone other than the seat of their jeans, the same can't be said for our pals over in China. They won't be playing the game at all.

Reports state that Dice's shoot-'em-up has been banned from sale all over China because, and get this, Battlefield 4 has ‘aggressive content that endangers national security’ and is ‘a cultural invasion’.

Chinese authorities have got all jumpy because BF4's storyline involves a potential war between The United States of America and China themselves. With it being a shooty game, there's fighting between both countries (with added Russians).

Of course, this has kicked off something of a Streisand Effect, with gamers in China more keen to play it, taking to torrents to illegally download BF4, which means they can go around shooting pixels that aren't real and won't at all invade their culture or threaten national security.


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