Upgraded Nintendo Wii comes with personal musician

Following the upscaled new Xbox 360 and that Playstation controller with the big coloured ball on the end, preview footage of the next generation Nintendo Wii has emerged.

Said to be due to launch in time for Christmas, the console will come with a personal musician who will provide a live soundtrack to your gaming as you play.

The video below shows a violinist playing along with some Mario game or other, but as you can see, he also has a piano to hand. Ukuleles, bongo drums, trombones and triangles will also be available once the new version of the console is launched, and Nintendo are said to be working on a barber shop choir for 2011.


  • 3dtv
  • Guybrush T.
    I'm waiting until the 3D violinist accesory comes out- you have to wear special glasses for this one.
  • Howard M.
    Pretty sure that's a Famicom with a disc adapter, the Japanese version of the NES from 1986...
  • Howard M.
    Sorry my mistake, it's a bloke in a white suit.
  • Donkey H.
    I wonder if he's drunk.
  • tommy
    now that is cool!

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