The unbelievable Daily Star's "Raoul Moat in GTA sequel" story

Ah, you couldn't make it up. Except it appears that the Daily Star did just that.

During the bloodshed and curious Blitz spirit that engulfed social media during Raoul Moat's manhunt, someone, somewhere went as far as mocking up a future release in the GTA collection - Grand Theft Auto Rothbury. Whoever did it, their mock-up somehow ended up in the hands of Daily Star hack Jerry Lawton, who yesterday wasted no time in creating a lead story for their website:

Bitterwallet - Raoul Moat Daily Star story

"Fury erupted last night over plans for a Raoul Moat book, movie and game... before the man he killed has even been laid to rest.

"Last night, gaming websites showed the cover of Grand Theft Auto Rothbury - a version of the Xbox hit Grand Theft Auto."

Proof that the story doesn't ring quite true is that nobody else can find the "gaming websites" that Lawton is talking about. As CVG point out, the mock-up appears to be the only proof the Daily Star have that any such game is being planned, but they didn't stop them contacting Mrs Ann Hornsby, the 69 year-old grandmother of Moat's ex-girlfriend and victim Samantha Stobbard, for a quote. Stay classy.

The rest of the copy may orbit the dim and distant star called Fact; a book does appear to be in the planning, and therefore there will be rights available that may or may not be bought for a television or film adaptation. Regardless, yesterday the Star removed the story from their site, but unsurprisingly everyone was still searching for it last night:

Bitterwallet - Daily Star Raoul Moat storyOf course, it could have happened to any respectable tabloid, and it's not like the Daily Star are in the habit of fucking about with anything else on their website. Take, for example, the vision of beauty who was yesterday's Daily Star babe - Kelly, 19, from the Wirral. She caught our eye, but not for the reasons we expected:

Bitterwallet - Daily Star Photoshop horrors



  • piggy
    So why did she catch your eye then?
  • The B.
    3rd nipple?
  • Nobby
    There are some classic headline there. Amir Khan .. I'm a child prisoner. Myleene Klass: Sex floods hit Kerry.
  • Yue
    That poor girl looks anemic.
  • Alexis
    The GTA box is a crap mockup, obviously.
  • Paul S.
    Obviously, but it convinced a national newspaper to concoct a story about it.
  • RageBoy
    You can still access the original story through Google's wonderful cached pages
  • raggedy
    Well after much dedicated research, trawling through all 27 photos of Kelly, I can confirm I really don't know what caught your eye. Unless her head had been photoshopped onto someone else's body? I really can't say as I never got that far up. I would recognise those boobs anywhere now though...
  • Nobby
    It is fairly obvious what caught their eye ... Look at the comments "good to see kelly back...lets have her more regular please". Unfortunately she seems to be a bit bunged up. She clearly needs to eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • Paul S.
    Or maybe it was the fact that her face appeared to have been drawn on her face in coloured pencils?
  • Daily B.
    [...] are the words of the really factual Daily Star which we ran a while ago, which saw one of their hacks loading up on a piss-take and running it as truth. Of course, the [...]

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