The Sun mistakes company from video game as real

The super soaraway Sun isn't the brightest of newspapers as you know, and they've dropped a clanger by reporting something fictional as fact [insert satire here].

In a feature about future technologies, they show a picture of a cybernetic eyeball, saying that it is the kind of thing that will be commonplace with future generations. However, the eyeball is clearly labelled with the name of Sarif Industries, which you'll find in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game.



The Sun presumably looked for the 'company' online and found an active website that looks authentically corporate, but alas, if they'd bothered to actually have a snoop around it for 2 seconds, they would've realised it wasn't real as tech firms don't tend to have hacked audio files with insane voices (perhaps they should?).



  • Alex
    The cynic in me wonders whether Murdoch as an interest in the games publisher. You know, like when the Sun ran transfer gossip on a player, only to do a big article the next day that the player was from Sky1's Dream Team show and it had all been a terrible mistake...
  • Justin A.
    I'm also concerned that the writer of this little piece has started a sentence with the word 'and'. Must be the unpaid intern.
  • leeisgod
    People wonder why all Sun readers are stupid.
  • oz
    And the fact that the video on the website, flashes the first word up... DECEPTION a clue perhaps? not for these fake sheiks... As Ian Hislop said on HIGNFY recently, about the mail, we dont need to ban it we just need to stop buying it. After Milly Dowler I shamed, really put the boot in, and shamed my father into stop buying the murdoch press. I can only hope you all do the same. Put some social good into the phrase 'friends and family', and help them to stop funding these morally bankrupt organisations that do little to aid our society.
  • UK T.
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