The Nintendo family tree - tracing the roots of the Wii and DS

The Nintendo Wii and DS may currently rule the mainstream, family console entertainment empire, but where the hell did they come from? These things don't just pop up out of thin air, do they? Certainly not. World domination is bred, not created, as can be seen in this corking design by artist Olly Moss:

If you've a spare few minutes, have a flick through the rest of Olly's designs; he's one seriously talented fella. Oh, and there's a special Bitterwallet prize* to the first person who names every console in the Nintendo family tree above.

* so special, it isn't even real yet


  • ponder
    NES, Super NES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Micro, DS, DS Lite. I claim the non-existant prize!
  • bob r.
    he has missed the dsi off from the handheld tree?
  • Andre
    Maybe because the DSi is yet to released to our market?
  • Toby
    What about the Virtual Boy? I should win the prize for my extensive nintendo knowledge!
  • deeb
    Nintendo made playing cards first of all, didn't they? The mother and father of all games???
  • Paul
    To be fair it was the Game And Watch series that kick started the Nintendo Generation, not the NES. Oh and its NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Pocket, N64, GBA, GBA SP, Gameboy Micro, Gamecube, DS, DS Lite and Wii. Phew.
  • Ducky
    Ah, he's a tee-shirt designer!! :) I have nearly bought two tees with his designs on and then gone off the idea. Wish I had, they aren't in print any more... :(
  • Sam
    And they once had Nintendo Love Hotels.
  • andy y.
    If this a family tree there has to be a male and female. Which is which?For my money the controllers have knobs and consoles slots. I remember my first Atari.What a night that was.
  • bobo
    he missed the 64DD too, even though it never made it to the uk im claiming a prize as well.
  • Amanda H.
    The gameboy must be the ginger in the family, there is always one ginga. Must have been a one night stand between Luigi & Sonic.
  • andy y.
    That's the Prince harry
  • knock
    What about the Panasonic Q? I want my imaginary prize as well please :D
  • Andre
    Panasonic Q was licensed by ninetendo but wasnt made by ninetendo themselves though... And the 64DD was an add on not a standalone console...
  • Chris
    It's missing the gameboy light...
  • lazygamer
    If you really want to get OTT, there should be a branch from the SNES to the Playstation as it was borne out of Nintendo and Sony prototyping a CD-ROM drive for the SNES (not unlike the Sega Mega CD). The two never released their partnership device and Sony went it alone. The rest is history etc etc etc
  • knock
    Andre that's the point of a family tree, it's got branches :p
  • Andre
    @knock suppose depends whether they are blood related! Or rather electronically related?
  • James
    It's Gameboy Color not Colour. The pedant in me wins. :)
  • holly
    i have a ds and a dsi but i never knew whare they came from.i just want to know whats the one at the top of the tree?

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