The new PS3 Slim - where to get one and much more, for less

If you're deal crazy and are eager to get your hands on the new PS3 Slim, then take the time to stop by Hot UK Deals before popping out to (insert name of nearest generic shopping centre here) and buying yours.

HUKD member 4Site has started a thread for users to contribute to when they find a PS3 Slim deal. The thread has only been open six hours and there are already over two dozen deals listed, as various stores online and on the high street attempt to tease open your wallet with different bundles of games and other paraphernalia. Plenty are also available to order with extra Quidco discount.

Suffice to say, there's no excuse for paying full price for a PS3 Slim with no added extras; have a read through the offers and if you spot a new one, add it to the list.

[Hot UK Deals]


  • 4site
    Thanks mate!
  • Deepz
    Am waiting to see if someone finds a way of getting Linux on this thing first, otherwise I will end up buying the 60gb version
  • Chris
    Why is it such a deal-breaker for you? Linux on the PS3 is fairly crippled anyway, it's of no real use.
  • Andre
    @ Chris - well it means you actually have a fairly powerful PC to use, to use for games, music, photos, movies, or even a Linuz server...
  • yes H.
    you sure that pic isnt a george forman?
  • crofter
    Well it doesn't look like an ex-heavyweight boxer to me ...
  • Gary G.
    Deepz, Andre... You won't have a fairly powerful PC, as sony locked it down. It barely makes use of the cells cores, it has no GPU access either. Meaning, no video, no games etc etc. It's like buying a new house, and being told you can decorate a cupboard and that's it. I tried a few builds. Nothing was any good compared to its variant on a pc. No emulators, no media players or whatever to muck around with that work on it. buy the slim. All this talk about losing linux is like the talk about losing backwards compatibility. People want what they don't bloody need.
  • Joff
    Who would have thought Gary Glitter would be proficient with installing Linux builds when just a few years ago he used PC World for all his computer repair needs. My, how times change.
  • Deepz
    I wanted the 60gb version to play the PS2 games while i wait for some to come out, e.g. God of War 2 which i didn't complete before I gave my PS2 back (glitch meant I couldnt get pass a certain point). But now GoW 1 and 2 are coming out on the PS3 so the 60gb doesnt matter too much. As for the Linux, would have been nice to have something to surf the net, rather than spending extra on a laptop/ pc. General internet browsing, instant messenger, maybe stick open office on it for opening email attachments and doing a bit of that. It would be nice to have a simple all in one machine... rather than having lots of machines everywhere especially when I don't need an amazing laptop (or want to get a second hand brick) - also one warrenty because laptop warrenties are expensive and when they go wrong, the thing that goes wrong is never covered!

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