The new Nintendo DSi LL - is big really beautiful?

After days of rumours rumbling across the face of the globe, Nintendo have finally confirmed them - a largescreen DS console is on the way in time for Christmas - at least if you live in Japan. The gaming gods have heard the kerching of the tills and launched the DSi LL (for the love of God, just give it a name!), the daddy of the DS series with a 4.2" screen - some 93 per cent larger than the DS Lite:

Bitterwallet - Nintendo DSi LL

Are we the only folk who think this is starting to look a little less sleek and a little too bulky? It's hardly netbook size but it's not quite the light slip of gaming heaven you can shove in your pocket. Maybe it's the ghastly red-wine moulding, but we're not fans.

The DSi LL goes on sale in Japan on November 21st for 20,000 Yen (£134) although there's no word if they'll ship to the UK in time for Christmas.



  • Gunn
    Have their been complaints that the screen is too small?
  • My P.
    they should give it netbook capabilities aswell, then they could be on to a winner
  • The B.
    The next model will be the Nintendo DSGi, it will hassle you continuously to play with it, once you pay it attention it’ll try and sell you every other Nintendo product going plus payment protect at astronomical rates and then when you're not in the room will slag you off on the internet behind your back.
  • fullmoon
    I agree. The next model will be Nintendo DSGi (PC World, Currys group). It will come with Norton which will crash every 30 mins to give the gamer a break. They will also try to sell u with cheapo laptop bag and horrible chinese make mice. To make this model affordable, they will only put 80% margin on the product. :P
  • Andy
    I don't see much of a point to the new DS, but it's not meant for me. Whether it'll actually draw in older players I don't know, but it's a good way to try and expand the market even more than it already is.
  • Paul S.
    It's worrying me that's it looks like something Amstrad might have made.

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