The consoles you shouldn't be buying this Christmas...

Be careful out there people - there's some VERY convincing fakes around...






More to see over at BuzzFeed.


  • Keith M.
    I want a Super Megason for crimbo please
  • James
    Super Megason looks fucking awesome.
  • James
    Super Megason looks f**king awesome.
  • James
  • SA
    Finally, my dream of having part of my right thumb appear on Bitter Wallet has been fulfilled.
  • ask
    I want the PX3600 just for the controller vibration!!!ahhhhhhh
  • again
    you did this last year
  • IceFreak2000
    Oooh, more tat for the estimable Dr. Ashens to review - can't wait!
  • -]
    As a lifelong fan of Arylcyclohexylamines I will be definitely on the lookout for the PCP. Imagine the fun to be had playing a PCP whilst under the influence of PCP/3-MeO-PCE/Ketamine/Methoxetamine. It's a wet dream for gaming and dissociative fans!
  • will
    super megason looks to be having a blast; shooting baddies with his right hand, and furiously pausing & unpausing the action with the left....
  • Anita B.
    "Game Joy" actually sounds less dodgy than "Game Boy", if you think about. As I often do.
  • kv
    don't worry, only women fall for these scams :D
  • Sir W.
    I absolutely love my Gaystation and Homodore 69.
  • Phil
    Where can I buy these fantastic looking products? They must be the next gen consoles?
  • Paul
    Robert Cop wouldn't buy any of this shiz!
  • consolidation
    Super Megason has 10 million games !
  • Gary M.

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