The Chinese graveyard that is video game heaven

Bitterwallet - gaming graveyard

It's like all those decommissioned planes rusting in in the Arizona desert. Yet somehow sadder. All these gambling machines were confiscated as part of a Chinese anti-gambling operation, and all will be destroyed. A tragic waste. If they had Afterburner and Operation Wolf in there, we'd be banging on the gates.



  • dunfyboy
    This is where the insides of ipads come from
  • kev
    this is what every bookies will look like in a few years time
  • tfeb
    this is a tragic photo. Though if you see a 4 player simpsons and starblade alpha to your list and i'll bang on the gates with you!
  • HP 1.
    It is really amusing you should come up with this because I had been just thinking of it the other day. You have expressed my own thoughts exactly.

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