Stupid infant runs up £1,700 iPad bill in 10 glorious minutes

1 March 2013

Five-year-old Danny Kitchen asked his beloved mother and father if he could have the passcode for their iPad, which they duly gave to him. What damage could an infant possibly do?

Well, the little money drain promptly ran up a bill of £1,700 in what was probably the best ten-minutes of his little life. And all he wanted was to play Zombie v Ninja.

When he got the game (clever little sod), he found his way to the game's online store and promptly ordered dozens of pricey add-ons which came in at a whopping £1,710.43.

His poor mother knew nothing about all this until she saw all the iTunes emails listing what he'd done. And then her credit card company phoned-up to see what the bloody hell was going on.

She explained: "Danny was pestering us to let him have a go on the iPad. He kept saying it was a free game so my husband put in the passcode and handed it to him. It worried me when he asked for the password but I had a look at the game it said it was free so I didn't think there would be a problem."

"We had lots of visitors in the house and were both a little preoccupied. I woke up Monday morning and looked at my emails and had loads from iTunes. I thought it must be a mistake, so I checked my bank balance online and nothing had been taken out."

"I thought nothing of it until I my credit card advisor phoned and told me they had authorised the transaction."

Mrs Kitchen then added, sinisterly: "I realised what happened and told Danny he'd better get ready for bed and run and hide before daddy got home. He was crying, as the rest of the children were telling him we could have bought a house with the amount he had spent."

"He started to run and through his tears he turned back and said 'But where can I hide?' Bless him - that stopped me being angry but of course it's a lot of money."

Danny said: "It was a good game."

Apple have said they'll refund the money, which is nice of them.


  • I T.
    What fuckwit lets their five year old play on their ipad anyway. Apple should have made them pay, for being retards imo.
  • chewbacca
    I'm with tortoise fiddler (there's a phrase I never thought I'd say). Stupid fucking parents and their stupid fucking kids
  • brandon h.
    stupid parents, but my thought is what game could possibly have £1,700 worth of add ons. Also a good reason why you should use itunes topup cards rather than a debit/credit card.
  • M4RKM
    parent gives child password child spends money parent therefore responsible How are these people allowed to have children?
  • oliverreed
    Freeium games are fucking uber flawed
  • Cheesey
    The ConDems should use these two thicktards as examples and compulsorily sterilise them.
  • rob
    Calling a 5 year old "stupid" for failing to grasp in-app purchases is ridiculous. I take it you lot were all little fucking Einsteins when you were that age were you? Also, yes the parents were a bit daft- but saying they shouldn't be allowed to have children? Get a grip
  • Mark
    Rob, technology has changed since you begged for an app to let you find the escape hatch for your uncles dungeon. Obviously the parent bought an ipad for herself or probably for the spoiled little kid. The main fact is that she gave him the pass to let him do what he wanted and she should pay the consequences. Apple never forced the kid to have a moron as a mum.
  • chewbacca
    @Bob I'm willing to bet that the family are from a lower socio-economic demographic, and that yes, the child probably is on the retard side of the intelligence scale. You're probably getting so antsy about it because you're living that particular dream as well.
  • chewbacca
    @chewie Dang and blast, the mother was interviewed on the news. Seems relatively middle-class. Bugger. Though, she is called Sharon which is undeniably a scum name.
  • Xen
    Can't blame the kid, he's only 5 but the parents are certainly stupid letting him use it un-supervised. How the hell did he get the credit card details anyway? They look like they aren't short of a few bob and if they are that careless generally then if won't be the last time they end up potentially losing money. Little Johnny probably gets what he wants. Reminds me of that stupid bleeding heart 'I feel guilty if I punish my child' annoying middle -class outnumbered couple and their spoilt spawn.
  • jah128
    Stupid infant? This site has regularly been a dirge of bile when it comes to journalism - but calling a 5 year old stupid? Fine if you want to call adults stupid if they are stupid, but to publicly bully children is pretty shameful.
  • chewbacca
    @Ken (Xen 'cos you're new here) I'll forgive you because you're obviously poor/stupid. The child in question didn't have access to the CC details, they're linked to the iPad owners account. @jah128 Are you new here too, or just a fucking mongol? Is there some crazy "thing" that prevents children from being stupid? Did you see the Sky News interview? The little brat kept going "free", "free", "free" like some ritalin addled chimp. If he can read "free", one would assume he can read "£69.99", no? Perhaps he chose not to, because he's a spoilt little shit, or he didn't because he's a fucking moron just like his parents. Parents, who, by the way, chose to satiate his constant fucking snivelling by giving him a ~£500 tablet to play with, instead of, you know, giving him a slap and telling him to fucking stfu and behave.
  • daniel
    why are apple refunding them >? they deserve that bill for there complete and utter stupidity .
  • Captain W.
    Talking of stupid, it's "their"
  • chewbacca
    @Daniel Before you accuse others of stupidity, you should learn the difference between "there" and "their". You utter fucking retard.
  • Bwreadersarecunts
    Asocial pricks need sterilising for their own good
  • Xen
    "I’ll forgive you because you’re obviously poor/stupid. The child in question didn’t have access to the CC details, they’re linked to the iPad owners account." Yes relatively poor and stupid to you, clearly the 'daddy' around here, but not as fucking stupid as the dumb fuck who links their CC details to their ipad and then lets their brat use it unsupervised. Next month it'll gets left on a train and a top weekend had for some lucky bastard. Let's hope so.
  • tcs
    "I woke up Monday morning and looked at my emails and had loads from iTunes. I thought it must be a mistake, so I checked my bank balance online and nothing had been taken out.” “I thought nothing of it...” As you do.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Brilliant Apple pay the bill cause the parents are clearly not capable of even the simplest things. Oh why dont we all download loads of data and apps then cite we are just mental ? What a joke probably the parent have enough money as is it, especially if they allow a 5 year old to have such an expensive toy.
  • chewbacca
    @Paydaylenderfatsnacks You've mixed up "cause" with "because", completely different words. Next time, say 'cos. Oh, and don't be scared to punctuate, it doesn't cost extra. You utter moron.
  • Clinton
    I'm just waiting for a mate
  • Tim B.
    It's actually pretty easy for this to happen without the parents really doing anything too daft: - Child wants to play game - Parents install game - iPad asks for password to install - iPad silently caches password for 15 minutes - Child plays game - Child installs premium content - iPad uses cached password to silently install updates. Try it yourself if you have an iOS device. Unless you're going to keep the child waiting for 15 minutes until the cached credentials expire, he can do whatever he wants with it.
  • Steve S.
    @ Tim B - or do what I do and turn on parental controls when the child (in this case my Niece) will be using the ipad?
  • Mark H.
    Tim B is correct, this is what is catching LOTS of people out, not just on iOS either, Android is just as bad. What would be so wrong for the default settings to be strict and then allow you to open them up yourself if you so wish? That would avoid this problem occurring over and over again like it is at the moment. Also you can call the parents stupid all you want but the iPad doesn't come with instructions and doesn't warn you that your password is live for 15 minutes by default.
  • Kevin
    You put in the password you are responsible. But now it's happened and been made widely known there is no excuse for any parent to not change their settings. The reason it's not the default because the adults who buy these products are capable of making their own choice as to what they do or don't buy. If they give someone else without that ability that's their responsibility as well. You don't need to lock down everything as default as I'd guess very few ipad's are bought by/for little kiddies. And now everyone knows there is no reason for Apple to refund anyone every again.
  • PaulS
    As far as I am aware with Google Play you have to enter your pin every time to make a purchase (learn't the hard way to put one on after my 5 y/o daughter spent £70 on Draw Something!) however I got a bit of a shock with the Amazon App Store. When initially installing I made sure parental controls were on an in-app purchases disabled but it appears to have 'forgotten' these settings following a recent update. Glad I checked as it is linked to my Amazon account with my card details and a lot of the free apps of the day (only reason I have it) lately have been in-app purchase heavy.
  • thingonaspring
    Child = 5 years. Game rating = 9 years+ Parent works as a childminder. "We had lots of visitors in the house and were both a little preoccupied". Good advertisement. Apple have to refund for PR because it got to the papers. These stories have been around for years now, and people still don't seem to get it, or be more careful with what they are doing. Parents = stupid, not child. Nothing wrong with a child having *supervised* access to an iPad (or other tablet), they can be a good educational tool.
  • JonB
    Surely the simplest thing would be to ask for credentials again if you spend more than £100? iTunes should be able to keep track of how much you are spending in a given time and signal a credential request back to the device if the spend/minute is too high? It's just poor software system design if you ask me.
  • yak
    yeah the parents were pretty stupid giving the password to their son, but these games are purposely built for this sort of 'accident' to happen. How many adults with there own credit cards would you think have paid 69.99 for some super flaming homo cannons or whatever it was. The whole model for this kind of games is try to take advantage of kids with parents details and people with addictive personalities who get hooked on the simple reward mechanisms they employ. I think apple relaise this and thats why they keep backing down in these type of cases, as once it starts to come under scrutiny, I can see them being made illegal or at least having to limit what you can spend… till then lets keep fleecing those daft enough to fall in their honeytrap
  • yak
    there should be a 'realise' in there somewhere, i'll let you guess where
  • chewbacca
    @Elk Is that instead of, or as well as the "relaise"?
  • mark
    OK 1. Child was not stupid, just because they dont understand something does not make them stupid. (As an example can you tell me the genetic make up of a donkey?, no?, then you must be stupid? - No infact you just dont know...) 2. "Social Pricks need Sterilizing for there own good" what sort of statement is that? Do you have kids, they do silly things, if your kid fell off his bike, would everyone say you should be sterilized because you didnt teach him to ride properly? 3. I allow my child to use the Ipad, I do however turn off in app purchases, some people do not even know you can do this, does that make them stupid?, no, they just don't know. 4. So you think they are on the lower social side of life, AND, are willing to bet, ok, how much? I bet you that if you are wrong you make a public statement that you are stupid, or is it that you simply dont know?? 5. Its no good coming on here and shouting and swearing trying to make yourself look important, there are always two sides to an argument, just because you shout louder and use expletives does not make you more right then the next person.
  • Mary H.
    @ mark OK, Thanks
  • LL J.
    @mark Given that what you know or don't know plays a part in determining your IQ, it's entirely fair to say that not knowing something makes you a little more stupid than you would be if you knew it.

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