Sorry Sony, but I still don't get the point of Playstation Move

And this doesn't help me whatsoever.

It's not a commercial, but a video to kick-start promotional activity in Norway, apparently. These two moon-faced goons are going to be gatecrashing parties, handing out PS3s and the new Move system, providing they don't get the shit kicked out of them at the front door.

And if they do make it indoors, they'll be surrounded by party-goers who'll shout in quick succession "We've already got a Wii" and "Who the fuck are these bubble-headed clowns, then?" before invariably kicking the shit of them anyway.

"Taking gaming to a new level."
What, you mean out the box and up onto the shelf the Wii is already sat on? Jog on.


  • Richard
    Jeez, I live in Norway; hope I don't have to put up with this for too long!!
  • Mark C.
    I was wondering what Daft Punk were up to these days...
  • RD
    So Paul...have you tried it? Still not sure I understand the hate. Basically it's Wii done right.
  • Smiff
    yes, much as i'm not a fan of Sony (I have only a Wii of current gen), it seems like they now have the best motion control system. depending on the games, over the next 3 years this could save the PS3... and even move it from last to first place. also, the fact that the PS3 has recently been "cracked" bodes well for it, since usually its the most hackable system that does the best (wii up till now). i have no idea why - but i do know i personally won't buy a system that i can't really "own".. the PS3 looks interesting to me for the first time.
  • Rolly
    I have a Wii, but the graphics are just horrible. Move looks promising, precise and HD. Much better than the vague hit and miss controls of the Wii/Natal The adverts in Europe suck though. Why cant we have Kevin Butler over here!
  • Mysterious F.
    "but i do know i personally won’t buy a system that i can’t really “pwn”.. " ..fixed...
  • Steve n.
    Daft Spunk
  • maxtweenie
    Even with them bubble heads they still don't look as stupid as that ginger twat who answers the door.
  • Tom W.
    My Move system arrived this morning and I have to say, I am massively impressed with it, as opposed to the Nintendo wii, the controllers just feel right and accurate! :D
  • Codify
    Wii done right? The Wii costs £159 if you shop around. The Move controller pack costs £100 just on its own, then you need to buy a locked down piece of shit PS3 to use it on.
  • Tom W.
    Locked down piece of shit? I have had mine since launch day so I dont have to buy "a locked down piece of shit" and also, the starter pack can be bought for 44.99 if you shop around, which includes the move controller and the webcam and the starter game disc, so I have no idea where you got the 100gbp figure from. The wii technology is excellent, the implementation of appalling kiddy games aimed at people 4 and under isnt. The move however is better technology than the wii and has better games now and in the future, serious games, not kiddy games which feel right playing with the move.
  • Greg
    My first impression, will last about 2 weeks before I get bored with it and it gets left gathering dust, some of the demo games need the Nav controller (Using the Sith Axix LOL you try it) so that's more expense, didn't even think about the recharging, ughhhh.
  • Christopher
    Worst. Ad. Ever.
  • pigsh*t
    wii is £99 lol .if you paid £159 you been mugged!! the move is £30 the camera is £20 and the (not necessary) navigation is £25. go wank off to your anime beack ball on the xbox 360 and spout some bullshit elsewhere. change your name to krusty yeah? yo are a CLOWN!!!! ps why do ppl need to buy "locked down" ps3's? doubt you can reply as will have bill gates cock in your mouth. anyways im outta here
  • Nick
    Codify the move starter pack is £44 delivered
  • Rich P.
    This is one weird shit advert.
  • Paul C.
    @Codify - I think you're confusing the price of the Xbox Kinnect with the Playstation Move. @Smiff - 'save the Playstation 3' - are you joking? The PS3 is finally picking up the slack and out of all three consoles is quite clearly the most versatile. (Media Server/iPlayer/4OD/YouTube application/etc) Once launched - the Playstation Move will be the most accurate of these type of motion controllers. That is fact - no arguments there. I personally will not be buying one as that is the reason I did not buy a Wii in the first instance - they are predominantly aimed at the family market with the majority of games aimed at people who don't play video games. As mentioned above - the Wii is indeed the biggest selling platform - but ask yourself how many of those are gathering dust in comparison to both XBox and the PS3? Wiis owners bought - played - shown off to friends -and never purchased another game again because they are not (for the most part) gamers in the traditional sense. The 'locked down' aspect being discussed above - is that the unhackability of the PS3 that is being referred to? If so, then I am all for it! There is nothing worse than having a platform (especially a competitive one) where exploits and cheats can prosper. Do I want to play against someone who hasn't legitamately purchased the game that I spent £30 on? No. It is no different to Apple locking down its products and only allowing bespoke programming on its machines and in all fairness to Sony, having a machine that has been on the market for 3 years and has only recently been exploited shows what a great machine it is.
  • Noghar
    We had a Wii for eighteen months and after the first week used it maybe twice. Traded it in for a second Ps3. I hate locked down gear as much as the next bloke - dumped iPhone for Android because I got fed up having to jailbreak - but I've never felt like trying to hack the PS3 because it does so much so well I've never felt the need to.
  • smashingnicey
    the ghost of Frank Sidebottom has returned in futuristic form. Twice!

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