Sony to release PS4 Slim

Sony to release PS4 Slim

Sony are busy bees at the moment, and the rumour mill is working overtime, as there's whispers about a handheld PlayStation device coming our way.

There's going to be a meeting with the PlayStation crew in New York on September 7th, which of course, will be livestreamed so salivating hardcore gaming fans can get stuck into it all.

There's also talk of something new being announced from Rockstar Studios, who of course, are responsible for the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Of course, we all know about the PS4 NEO, but there's also a PS4 Slim doing the rounds.

EuroGamer are saying that the PS4 Slim is definitely real, and in no doubt about the whole thing. You can see what they have to say about it all, and all their images, here.

It looks like it'll be officially launched on September 14, one week after the livestreamed meeting in NYC.

One person on Twitter, called Shortman82, says of the new Sony console: "I have it in my possession right now. I can give you a run down soon."

"I will be honest, The pictures do not do the PS4 slim justice. It looks gorgeous first hand. The hard drive bay is on the right hand side."

"I honestly like the slim, It feels solid. But i will be watching the playstation event to see NEO reveal."

And while the PS4 NEO was thought to be taking centre-stage, it seems that a new PlayStation handheld could also be joining it.

What's this about another PSP device?

Well, there's been leaks from a Foxconn worker, and seeing as the rumours about the Slim are coming good, it looks like Sony are going full throttle before Christmas, to get their hands on all of our money.

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