Sony to flog PS4 for bargain price again!

ps4 If you've been eyeing up bagging yourself a PS4, then listen to this - Sony are planning a new deal which is another bargain for gamers.

Through Twitter, Sony said that this new deal will enable you to get the next-gen console complete with a copy of the new Witcher 3 game for a paltry £279. The deal is only available through Tesco, and you'll need to get yourself a code to get the bundle for this price.

Apparently, this will only be available until 18th May, so don't hang about. Click here to see if they've any stock left.

The battle for hearts and minds in the console wars continues apace, which means, if you've missed out on this particular deal, there could well be another one just around the corner.

Microsoft and Sony are really going toe-to-toe on this. Keep an eye on our Deals of the Day for more console and gaming bargains.

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