Sony PlayStation Vita coming to the UK on October 28th?

Hand-held console fans might want to start limbering up their digits as it seems that Sony’s new PlayStation Vita thingameboob could be with us sooner rather than later.

A Blockbuster advert has surfaced which seems to indicate that the Vita is set for release on Friday October 28th – the first indication of an actual launch date and an improvement on the previous announcement that there would be a ‘phased global release’ over the ‘holiday season’.

The ad has the wi-fi version of the Vita priced at £229.99 and the wi-fi + 3G version priced at £279.99...


As yet, Blockbuster and Sony have both failed to confirm or deny the truth of the words and numbers on the flyer but if it's true, this news, along with Nintendo’s imminent 3DS price cut, means we could staring right down the barrel of HANDHELD CONSOLE RETAIL WARFARE this Christmas. Start saving your cash up now.



  • Mad H.
    Given that the very first item on there has the wrong release date (Gears 3 is out on September 20th), I wouldn't put too much faith in it. I think the Assassin's Creed and Modern Warfare dates are wrong as well, but I can't be arsed to check
  • PokeHerPete
    If you have a PS Vita, then you don't have a iPhone.
  • SPeters
    3DS is dropping to £159 next month, will have this Vita dead on arrival if it comes in at £279
  • Richard
    You can't even compare the 3ds and the vita. Just because they're both handhelds means almost nothing, they're completely different. The vita blows the 3ds away in terms of hardware specs. IMO it's deffo worth £230 for the wifi version, dont think I really need a 3g version, and besides this is blockbuster, they'll be places cheaper - shopto etc.

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