Sony declare war on new Xbox

ps4 Its all kicking off with Microsoft and Sony as they go head-to-head with the Xbox One and PS4.

First off, a price war and Sony struck the first blow by announcing the price for UK buyers - £350 for PS4. Compared to the £429 for the Xbox One, that's a kick in the stones for Microsoft.

Sony got openly hostile by having a dig at their rivals and their game-sharing restrictions by putting out a video guide, mocking Microsoft. You can watch that here, which shows someone saying: "This is how you share your games on PS4" before they simply hand a game over to their pal.

As previously reported, Microsoft will be making it tricky for customers to share games or obtain pre-owned releases. If you want to play your game on a friend's console, you'll have to sign-in to your account.

Sony Europe tweeted: "Good morning! If you've just woken up we've got some big news... Price: £349 UK, €399 EU & you can lend games!"

Microsoft will have to spend a lot of money on a PR campaign in a bid to win back customers looking toward to the PS4.


  • LancerVancer
    Microsoft have had it. They have gotten to cocky just like Sony did last gen.
  • chewbaccccaaaaaa
    ^ It's "too", not "to". You fucking moron.
  • Seymour
    He made a grammar mistake, fuck him right?
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da gramma erb
  • hotmail r.
    And you missed out the really obvious forward, not toward...
  • Stuart
    I'm a little torn for the next gen, had a ps2, liked it, horrible controller though, its not a natural position for the thumbs to be like that and my hands got really sore after about 20 mins so i sold it after a few weeks. Got an xbox then the 360 after that, but the details for the xbox one are utterly shite so far.
  • Roge
    I like my 360 but I must admit the PS4 looks better so far It's a real shame that it isn't backwards compatible so I could play all the games I missed Demons Souls, Last of Us, Uncharted etc They are both expensive though. Probably talking £450 or £500 for console with 3 games at release. I probably continue with 360 and all the xmas releases and then look at getting a PS4 in the summer when hopefully prices have come down and there is some cheaper second hand games knocking about.
  • Stuart
    @ roge that was my thinking as well, just bought a new house so probably wont be able to afford it around christmas, however i really want to play battlefield on a new console with 64 players online lol (queue someone to say " get a decent pc then")
  • Maximus
    The xbox had so many exclusive games whereas the ps4 was barren. PS4 looked more of a casual gamers machine.
  • Mike O.
    @Maximus you mean PS3 not ps4 presumably as referring to something that doesnt exist yet in the past tense is a bit odd. Whats the big deal with exclusive games? Best games Ive played have been multi platform. GTA IV, Batman Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry 3 and many more.
  • Justin A.
    @Maximus And yet there was someone today saying to me that the PS3 was the gentleman's console and Xbox was for chavs that love nothing but shooters. PS3 exclusive series: Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, God of War, Starhawk, Infamous, LBP, Motorstorm, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo. I bought mine late on for £150 to play those, and they're good games. The Last of Us is the exclusive swansong and it's a beauty. I can only think of three Xbox exclusives that meant anything to me: Crackdown, Halo and Gears of War.
  • Zeddy
    @Stuart: don't get a decent pc, pay your mortgage off first. You don't have time to play games now. You have responsibilities.
  • LancerVancer
    Too. Thanks to everyone for pointing that out. Chill n' flex wit' da' erb.
  • Justin A.
    For god's sake, get my comment moderated. It's not even controversial.
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  • LancerVancer
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