Some 'facts' about the next Playstation console

c9b42fa03c239777e7e97403840e1edc Want to know all about the next Playstation console? We’re here with some FACTS about it. Of course, they might not be facts, but they’ve apparently come from a ‘reliable Kotaku source’, whatever THAT means. GO….!

* It’s codenamed Orbis.

* It’ll be released in time for Christmas 2013.

* It’ll display games at a resolution of 4096x2160 and you’ll be able to play 3D games in 1080p.

* It won’t be backwards-compatible with the PS3.

* It will have an inbuilt anti-used games device of some kind.

* Games will be available on Blu-ray or digitally and will be locked to a specific PSN account, with players needing to be online in order to boot them up.

* Buyers of second-hand games will have to pay an unlock fee in order to access the games.

* The console will come in two versions – one with a full head of hair and one bald.

We made that last fact up. We’re not even sure that it makes sense or not.



  • amazon s.
    might revert back to pc gaming then
  • Iain
    Yeah, draconian DRM was the reason I moved to consoles in the first place. Publishers need to get it into their heads that used games actually support new game sales to a certain extent. Loads of people buy new for £40 only because they can claim back £20-30 if they finish the game quick enough.
  • The B.
    Yep, I sure as hell wouldn't do that. Want to sell your console and games second hand? Tough, Sony won't let you unless you pay them money. Fuck you Sony, you just lost a shitload of customers.
  • Gizmo
    All that 'anti 2nd hand' shit, is just that, shit. Was rumoured to be in the next xbox a few weeks ago, can't remember who, but a bigwig said that was bullshit. And as for having to be connected to PSN to play games, no company would demand that, so total bullshit there too.
  • Sean K.
    What a crock of shite. As if they'll do 4k resolutions when they don't do 1080p properly now. The anti 2nd hand thing is a given though, all games are going that way - a single use code to kill the second-hand market.
  • Vogg
    How did the PSP GO work out? The iPhone sells DRM tat by the shed load because the games are cheap (and 99.9% crap). I doubt if Sony developers are going to cut prices to a maximum of five quid so this 'great' idea will crash and burn. If Sony are this stupid then this will be their last console.
  • The J.
    I say up yours Sony, I funnily enough do not even play on my consoles. PC all the way for me!
  • zax
    If both XBOX and PS3 go against 2nd hand games, I will wholeheartedly go back completely to PC gaming. Well, even PC gaming is screwed these days. Steam, GWFL, activation code limits, reinstall limits - you can't resell a PC game. So, I guess we all will be pirating games then. Well done console makers and game studios, you all are about to be out of business!
  • oliverreed
    Steam games are cheap as fuck, regular 75% off deals, PC is looking good. I don't mind throw away games at throw away prices - Sony are never going to use app based pricing, aren't full games a shocking price on PSN currently?
  • Jerec
    How about you take this "article" with a pinch of salt and actually wait for some real facts before assuming the worst, dropping your support for consoles and acting like complete tits.
  • Vogg
    How about making you opinions known so that Sony understands what will happen to their market if they make this mistake and stop them acting like complete tits?
  • Jerec
    @Vogg sorry you are right, now where is my well lubed up fox?
  • Anarchist
    Samantha Fox, or Doctor Fox*? Thats right Vogg, lets all QQ on some back street nobody blog, where all the sony execs obviously hang out and read everything we post, taking advice from societys greatest intellectuals (such as yourself). They're bound to go right back to the drawing board and redo their entire company strategy after reading your posts. *not a real fox
  • kv
    good luck trying to flog it will no ps3 backwards compatibility
  • Vogg
    @jerec Have you tried @DiscountFox? I hear they have rapid response units. #spon
  • Vogt
    Spot on Anarchist. Why comment on anything? It's not like the government pay attention to the road privatisation article or Apple to the iPad one or in face anybody to anything. It's BitterWallet. People are bitter. Get over it and join in or fuck off.
  • Sony
    Thanks for the feedback. Clearly we were being cunts with our original idea and so we've had a rethink and we've decided to make something people want and will buy in huge quantities instead of something based on building high end hardware backed up with piss poor discount games. While we're at it we'd like to appologise for the 3d thing. It really was shite.
  • Sicknote
    PC Gaming is the way forward and far cheaper in the long run
  • dixonsrulesthefreeworld
    why dont you all go wrap your lips aroung your dads bellend and have a wee cry over this new console you fucking tits get a life
  • Zleet
    This anti 2nd hand is such short sighted wank. They may only get the one payment from the initial sale but they will have a higher number of people who buy their overpriced DLC in the long run.
  • The B.
    @dixonsrulesthefreeworld - I've tried wrapping my dick around your dad's bellend, but I had such a hard time deciding which was your dad and which your mum that I gave up, it doesn't help that they're twins. How's the webbing between your digits by the way? It looks as though it's still causing you typing problems from the state of your post.
  • Mike H.
    There is also a feature that stops you playing after your bedtime and even a sobriety test before you load up Forza 8 (A release title) If you are caught speeding, you will have to attend a speed awareness course, and if you kill a person in a game, there will be a lengthy investigation culminating in the 'bricking' of your PS4. Looks good!
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    @Mike Forza on PS4??? Truly we are in the future!
  • Frank P.
    It is also rumoured that it will come with a inbuilt one fits all cock hole, and Sony will be encouraging users to take it to bed with them in place of any girlfriend/wife/life.
  • Mike H.
    Yeah, Forza, on the PS4, you got a fucking problem with that? They will ditch the 'XBOX only hobbles' some time in 2013, just in time for the release of the PS4. So fuck you.
  • Wonkey H.
    @frank fox?
  • Bill G.
  • Mike H.
    You can LOL all you fucking like Bill, you're just as bad, you top quality CUNT!
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    I love you Mike.
  • Dick
    Orbis = balls.
  • Russ
    If this anti second hand gaming is true (can't see it myself) then I hope Sony go bust, it will be what they deserve
  • Jerec
    @Vogg Perhaps you should not post as other people. I do not like Lubed up Foxes. And also, if you feel that posting some random bullpoo on this website would reach anyone near Sony you really are a deluded little nobjocky.
  • Vogg
    @jerec Was not me pretending to be you in post 12. Although I admit that I thought it was an odd thing for you to say. I want to call you a cunt I'll just call you a cunt. Seems you need to look elsewhere for the impersonator. Can you explain why there is a comment system if you feel there is no point in commenting? Could you then rationalize that and explain why you are getting so worked up about it? Complex?
  • Jerec
    I'm Spartacus! Here foxy foxy foxy!
  • Frank
    I could not possibly add anything here that everyone else as already said other than bye bye Sony.

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