Small child and Nintendo redefine true meaning of Christmas

In my day, you'd be grateful if you received an apple and an orange for Christmas. No, not really, but that's what my dad told me. However, the morning I found an AT-AT and Slave I under the tree, I truly did piss my pants with glee. Nowadays, kids want everything and are grateful for nothing. The little shits.

Except for this child, that is. Looking for all the world like the offspring of David Blaine, you're not sure at first whether he's apoplectic with rage to the point of tearing the heads clean off the necks of his siblings, or simply a mentalist in the making:

He's happy about getting the Wii, right?



  • owais
    i feel like shooting him
  • Hilly
    I'll help load the gun...
  • Richard
    I'm sorry, but there is genuine excitement, and there s playing to the camera!!! It is plain to see this is merely playing to the camera and looses all effect. There is something warm and nice watching a child in genuine excitement at receiving a gift they ere not expecting, or were hoping to get. This comes no-where near. Only positive point on this video is that lookig at the childs age we have a least 5-6 years to wait before we see him on "x-fator", "big brother", or a "Britains got talent" type program as one of the un-talented nutters who think they are brilliant but don't have friends good enough to tell them they are rubbish. Keep em peeled. First one to spot him on the telly wins.......... wait for it ............ a £10.00 Zavvi gift voucher!!!!!!
  • dave
    what a freak show
  • Jay
    Hmm...remember the Nintendo 64 kid? YouTube hasn't forgotten.
  • D&G S.
    He needs a slap.
  • Richard
    I can't wait for the next clip, when the brat.....erm I mean child opens the wii box to find inside an encyclopedia!!!!! lol Now thats a clip I'm sure all would like to see. Lets hope Daddy films that reaction for us all to see.
  • Andre
    And i thought i done too much smack!
  • Anon
    i feel like shooting him too.
  • Anon
    How annoying?! How fake as well!
  • Daniel A.
    If he was my child i would give him a good smacking
  • hunchback
    Maybe invest in some gaffer tape on christmas eve next year.
  • Bob
    How exited will he be the first time he gets a shag
  • Adam
    The guy in the backround, was it not the guy who is on the end of the chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavoured water by Limp Bizkit. That was make sense why the kids mentally disadvantaged. Bless him.
  • Gus
    I wish they had that wii rip off (mii) in the box instead!
  • Andrew
    I would also LOVE to kill him!!
  • Andrew
    "Let's try and be famous on YouTube"
  • Alistair
    Typical American over exuberance. OK Taken slightly further than even they usually go but I reckon they must get classes in being like this. I hope one of his siblings has a loose wrist connection and the controller wedges somewhere unpleasant.
    these online videos are just getting ridiculous now contrived bullshite I SAID CONTRIVED BULLSHITE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pauline
    Children's behaviour is a product of the society in which they live. Who do these children have as role models?
  • Jamie
    Worry not all your angry commenters.... this video will be played back to this kid (and his mates) in 10 years time...
  • Jason D.
    Jeeeeeeeeez........ someone give him some prozac b4 he gets any worse!
  • Shaun R.
    Hmmmm, a serial killer in the making
  • Linnie
    What a lil Faker!! sees the camera and Showtime!!!! I bet he wont appreciate the Wii when he hasnt got any games to play on it!!! LOL!
  • phil m.
    What a prick. I hope he gets ill so he cant play it.
  • Monkeytennis
    It makes me feel all well warm inside the feeling i get when i just want to stop the little guy and Punch Him Square in the Face and David Blaine!
  • doopster
    What a lot of nasty and negative comments!!!!! WHY??? If the kid wants to show off...let him, he may be being sarcastic, acting, whatever, but he's just a kid for god's sake- and it IS Xmas!!! I'd say tell the Dude with the cam to put it down and join in!! lets let kids be kids :-)
  • Eshtal
    very disturbing ..
  • Adrian W.
    Send the frigger back to comet! :-D
  • rancid
    I'm looking forward to the video posted by these lot in 2 weeks time where the Wii is packed away in a cupboard after the novelty of waggling a remote around to make a character simply walk in a straight line wears off.
  • Matt
    N64 kid wannabe.
  • Halflife
    Shooting him is a bit strong isn't it? Come on he’s just a kid. Would it not be better to simply beat him heavily with the Wii remote therefore demonstrating the unique accelerometers they have built in? Or why not drop him head first onto a Wii fit board to demonstrate the accelerating effect of gravity. Shoot him? tut tut tut..You should be ashamed
  • Ace
    Shoot him.
  • Halflife2
    shoot him
  • xboxwodan
    Are you sure its for christmas? That is a Muslim family. I didn't think Muslims celebrated christmas! They should really take control of that kid! I would confiscate his Wii for a while!
  • xboxwodan
    Actually if its normal to act that crazy over receiving one Allah only knows what he would do if he had it taken away.
  • Poppa
    What a darling little child........... NOT!!!! Kids who play up like that need smacked soundly with a rather large and fragrant fish! What's the betting that by now the Wii is barely looked at and the kid is complaining of being bored?
  • Andy
    Is that the spawn of Bin Laden?
  • anon
    This kid is going to be seriously fucked up when he grows up.
  • Joff
    Damn that child. Now I need a Wii. Not want, but NEED. And if I don't get one boy are my toys going to be hurled from the pram. *goes off to HUKD to trawl the forum...
  • owais
    muslims dont celebrate christmas, so im pretty sure they are muslim. you dont have to be white to be christian. they sound american and coul be greek, mexican or something. anyway, he will definitly be crazy once he grows up. what about when he is about to buy a car or something, id love to see his and the oter persons reaction. they probably wouldnt sell him a car .
  • gav989
    nothing compared to n64 kid, that was before youtube etc and was genuine (and frightening) gonna sound a bit racist now, but i don't like the american way of overexpressing emotions. its all through films and tv (when the american guy in a film cheers too much i get really annoyed). all that hopping about like a freak was delaying him from playing on the wii he seemed to be so excited about. it's annoying, illogical and pointless

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