Sir Clive Sinclair to do a Willy Wonka for the new golden Spectrum

We've written about the new ZX SPectrum - the Vega - before, and in principle, it does make Bitterwallet a bit giddy (Saboteur - what a game!). Well, Sir Clive Sinclair is giving away 12 golden ZX Vegas in a campaign that is Willy Wonka-esque, for sure.

Retro Computers Ltd, who are the company behind the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega console, will be giving away the consoles in each of the 12 weeks of... wait for it... 'Clivemas'. We would have called it 'Glitchmas', after the noise a Spectrum made when you loaded a game, but there you go.

Golden Vega

In each of these weeks, 11 golden tickets will be placed randomly into the boxes of those who buy a Vega. You can keep the golden one and give the normal one away if you win. Or keep both. Or sell one to a collector. Do what you want - we're not your real dad.

As for the 12th ticket, one of the people who backed the Indiegogo campaign to get the thing built in the first place will get it. Very nice.

Those who are jammy enough to win will also be invited to see the Vegas being made at the UK factory of SMS Electronics Ltd, where they'll be presented with their super rare console.

And if you're thinking you might just sit it out and buy one of these golden Vega machines, think again - they're never going to go on sale. Ever! Anyway, here's a video if you want in. The music is ace on it.

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