Rockstar investigating Amazon's early GTAV sales

gta-5-gameplay-trailer (2) Rockstar are investigating reports that Grand Theft Auto V was released early through Amazon, after the retailer had said it had already sold out.

Apparently, Amazon and other retailers delivered the game to customers four days before it was due to go on sale.

Rockstar told GamesIndustry International that it was ‘in the process of investigating early “sales” to determine how and why that is occurring’.

A message on Amazon said: "Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)–Stock Update. Please note–due to high demand, orders placed for Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) from September 13 will be shipped as soon as we receive inventory."

Either way, GTA V is very likely to become the biggest selling game of all time, with everyone apart from contrarians getting their knickers in a twist about it!


  • Chewbacca
    Fuck off Rockstar and stop being such precious little girls. It's a fucking game, get a life. You fucking morons.
  • Chewbacca's B.
    Rockstar have every right to be pissed off Hairy baws. The date was set legally and I know of people who had the game delivered on Saturday. Amazon could find themselves at the wrath of games manufacturers. Awa and sook a wookie.
  • Han S.
    @Bawsack - Not sure it's actually illegal, not unless they killed someone to do it
  • Chewbaccas G.
    Yeah, Rockstar are going to really scare Amazon........ Can see why they're pi$$ed though, 5.5 years in the making and Amazon dont handle it well :(
  • Mr M.
    I'm guessing Amazon never believed Royal Mail could actually deliver first class postage the next day.
  • What T.
    Chewie's right. It's not as if this is the first time that a game has been sent out early, ever. If they had really wanted to, they could have released the stocks far later than they did, and have, you know, a better plan. They're just throwing their toys out of the pram because they tried to lay down the law and were ignored. If they had legally binding contracts regarding posting/sale dates, fair enough, but all they're doing is making themselves look like spoilt brats. Not surprised by the amount of apologists on here, fucking Tennant's drinkers.
  • Kevin
    Simple answer for Rockstar is not to allow Amazon to sell their games on release in the future. Maybe they could give more to the likes of Game and HMV, help the high street ;)
  • Chewbacca
    Cheers Tennent's. If only there was a way for Rockstar to deliver copies so that best case scenario would be for customers to receive their copies on launch day. Oh, and to the apologists on this thread: fuck you. You fucking morons.

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