Retail Deathwatch, week 2 - your chart, their demise

It brings us no pleasure to report the top two places in the Retail Deathwatch chart remain occupied by Currys and PC World. There's plenty going on both in-store and in the boardroom but despite assurances that everything will be smiley, Bitterwallet readers aren't convinced.

The chart remains largely static since last week, with only Focus Do It All climbing one place to number 8. Here's the current top ten; if you've got insider knowledge, or even if you don't know what a shop is, remember to make your own list:

1. Currys
2. PC World
3. Jessops
4. WHSmith
5. BHS
6. JJB Sports
7. Homebase
8. Focus Do It All
9. Dixons
10. HMV

The more lists you make, the better we can judge the consumer mood. Get involved, citizen. We promise you won't be added to a mailing list and regularly contacted by Jassy, your dear new friend, God be with you. If you want to contribute your predictions, head on over to the make a list page and send it in.


  • banned h.
    jjb needs to be much higher in this list...
  • Honky S.
    Just been shopping to Sports Direct and JJB this afternoon (footy stuff for that FA/Tesco promo next week for 3 kids). Compared both shops - identical items were 40% cheaper in Sports Direct. JJB is overpriced and has to go.
  • adam
    dixons will merge currys & pc world, more probably putting pc worlds into currys shops. focus should be a lot higher as its reporting more troubles
  • crofter
    This chart REALLY has nothing to do with who is going to go into administration next though is it ... seems pretty obvious it should just be renamed MOST HATED HIGH STREET RETAILERS. How is the man (or women) on the street meant to know the insider dealings of these companies and what their future plans are?? Don't get me wrong I am all for having a bit of internet shenanigans but producing a meaningless chart that means SWEET F.A. aint fun!!
  • skdotcom
    Shoe retailers seem a reliable bet when it comes to naming shops likely to go into administration.
  • joker
    hmv lmao they will; be the 1's clearing up with zavvi gone they are doing a raring trade so you lot know fuck all dixons isnt even a high st store its on the fucking internet..... WANKERS!
  • Ste
    As I'm sure a lot of people will be aware, there is a company with a high street presence called the Dixons Retail Group - also known as DSGi, trading as Currys, Currys Digital and PC World. Without swearing and as politely as possible, you would be advised to double check your sources.
  • joker
    @ste you would be advised to be quiet as you dont know what you are talking about dixons ceased trading on the high st in 2006/7 they rebranded all stores to currys and have contimued trading as an INTERNET retailer only!!!! in case you didnt see the chart ......currys is no1 and pc world is no2 smart arse
  • Joker a.
    Joker. You are a right tit. quote" @ste you would be advised to be quiet as you dont know what you are talking about dixons ceased trading on the high st in 2006/7 they rebranded all stores to currys and have contimued trading as an INTERNET retailer only!!!!" Actually, before venting off you should get YOUR facts straight. Dixons still exists in retail premises, for example in the airport. Yes, real shops with real staff and the old Dixons logo above the door. So unless I had wandered into virtual reality at the weekend it was a good old fashioned store I was in, not the internet. So before you go off on one swearing at people, make sure you know what YOU are talking about. Arse.
  • Ste
    Thanks for that support - it's nice to know people like us take the time to make sure of our information before spouting off at people for no real benefit other than presumably to make ourselves look foolish - Joker, take note.
  • Skeptikal
    Allow the beefing, but u need to get ur facts right as well. The Dixons you saw at the airport is Dixons Tax Free as it is known. Dixons typically is now an online affair. You will also find that you are contradicting yourself. Dixons Tax Free stores are located at airports and thus are not highstreet stores. WH Smith for example is split into two entities, so it would be possible for them to go into administration and still operate at their "Travel branches" as Dixons Tax Free do. If you are going to act high and mighty then be prepared to be shot down. Pair of cunts. (In summary Dixons is NOT on the a highstreet store anymore). Fucktards.

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