PSN's first Humble Bundle

PSN's first Humble Bundle

In the world of PC gaming, Humble Bundle is well-known for picking up great, cheap video games.

However, it is now branching out and has teamed up with Sony and Capcom so you can grab a bargain and idle away the hours fiddling with your joypad on the sofa.

Imaginatively, it is called the Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle, and you'll get yourself a number of Capcom titles. Some of your money goes to charity too, which is nice.

You'll get Strider, Final Fight: Double Impact, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 and a 45% discount for Street Fighter V.

If you pay a little more, you'll also get the HD remasters of Okami and Resident Evil. Pay top whack, and you'll also get Devil May Cry HD, Resident Evil 0 Remastered, and a coupon for money off Mega Man Legacy Collection.

You have until September 5th to utilise this deal, and you can have a look at it by clicking here.

Hopefully, this is the first in many Humble Bundles for the PlayStation Network, as we all like cheap video games!

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