PS4 unveiled in summer and released for Christmas 2013

According to the murmurs, Sony will be revealing all with the new PlayStation 4 at E3 this summer and released in time for Christmas.

VGleaks (the WikiLeaks of gaming) reckon they've seen the 'roadmap' for Sony's new console, which is being worked on under the codename 'Orbis'.

It'll be backed by a quad-core AMD APU Solution processor with an AMD 8000 series GPU and between 2 and 4GB of GDDR5. If you believe other mutterings, it'll also be able to display games in 4K resolution, support Blu-ray and cost you around £250.

In other gaming news, Microsoft are also rumoured to be showing off their new gaming hardware this year, with a follow-up to the Xbox 360 (codename 'Thebes' or 'Durango').

The new Xbox could feature two CPUs, one for gaming and another for multimedia applications, as well as Kinect 2.0, 3D technology and Xbox TV.



  • Darren
    the only question that matters is will the XBOX have blue ray? as that is the only reason people currently buy a PS.. so if the XBOX does then bye bye PS.
  • oliverreed
    @Darren, their new patent to stop secondhand sales will be another nail in the coffin.
  • Paul
    @ Darren - I don't believe blu ray is the main reason why people buy PS3's over xbox 360's. It has more to do with the available PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted, for example. Free online play on the PS3 is another factor. There will be people who buy 360's for Halo too. A lot will depend on what Sony & MS announce as probable launch titles, for the upcoming generation. The patent to stop 2nd hand sales is worrying though. I'd be very unlikely to buy a console that stops 2nd hand games, unless the price of games becomes more disposable like iOS games or some of Steam's offers.
  • Paul C.
    The 2nd hand blocking hardware/software has already been debunked. As pointed out - the main reason PS3s are bought are for free online gaming and much better connectivity in terms of video output. It still is one of the best DVD upscalers and blu-ray machines on the market. Launch titles will generally only sucker the hardcore fans - as with the PS3 - it'll probably take 18months -2 years before we see decent market penetration of the PS4 because the PS3 is still very serviceable with plenty of titles that haven't aged. Also there has been a surge in 'retro' gaming - a lot of gamers like to hang on to older consoles to play through games of that generation. Certainly was the case with the PS3/2 transitions. Price will be the most important thing. If peripherals/and or games are not backwards compatible, then this too will become a deciding factor.
  • Chewbacca
    "the only question that matters is will the XBOX have blue ray?" @Darren No, but the new Xbox may have Blu-ray. Seriously, why do you fucking mongols always get it wrong? How hard is it? The correct spelling IS IN THE FUCKING ARTICLE. People like you should be executed. Utterly retarded waste of skin and oxygen. I bet you "brought" your last phone from "Vodaphone" as well. Cunt.
  • Mr M.
    Is there really much difference between PS3 graphics and a high end PC? That must be the only reason to upgrade, it's already got BLU-RAY. I'm pretty skeptical about the £250 price tag, I seem to remember the PS3 being closer to £400 when first released.
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    @ Miagi - Yes...a HUGE difference! Blu-ray is 1080p, high end rigs are capable of going way beyond that, only limited by the monitors available and other tech but 1080p isnt top end in monitors, just TV's Also most games on PS3/360 are 720p upscaled to 1080p, not many are native 1080p Have a look online at vids of BF3 on consoles then on a PC. Its noticeable even if your just viewing on your phone @ Paul (1st one) you're talking shite
  • Paul
    @Englebert.Humperdinck - If you're going to play the big man and insult me, at least offer up a rational argument as to why I'm apparently 'talking shite'. Seriously, there's way too much aggression on forums these days. Take a look at your lives. This is a light hearted debate about games consoles.
  • Terry
    @Chewy, what if the article was wrong? I don't really see an issue with spellings meaning you're a waste of space.
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    @ Paul - Saying you are talking shite is hardly being the 'big man' or 'insulting' you. You can't cry about aggression on the forums when someone says you are talking shite and then you start insulting that person back in a pathetic arguement and then try and undermine by accusing people of being keyboard warriors. You want a rational discussion then why not try having one? You are being a fanboy. Maybe that wasnt your intention but your comments was a pretty basic fanboyism comment thats been done to death! PS3 exclusives though more in number to the 360 are generally pap. Uncharted is the biggest exclusive by far, but then 360 has its own exclusives...People buying a PS3 just for its exclusives is wrong on the basis you are generalising. There may be some that buy it for UC but then some may buy a 360 for Gears. Its on both sides, exclusives is a non arguement frankly Yeah maybe for many at first the free online was a big thing but you only have to talk to someone with both who will justify the price with XBL being far more stable a platform for most online gaming (ask any COD player on PS3, you dont get people from 360 COD community switching to PS3 COD community purely on the basis of stability online) and has a tenth of the issues online the PS3 does. Blu ray is a big thing, especially for those that dont have a separate BR player, I myself will buy a PS3 game over a 360 game if its requires multiple disks on the 360 but its not everything, many may prefer the convenience of 1 disk but some prefer the quality and as 360 is lead on 99% of games its pretty much always the better version. BR functionality is a BIG reason as to why people go for it We could go at this all day with arguements for and against both but the reality is your comment was wrong, for every arguement you give someone can provide a counter-arguement as to why the PS3 or 360 is better but to say they buy it for exclusives or free online is just ridiculous. Right now PS+ is one of the biggest reasons people are adopting it for example
  • Chewbacca
    @Terry Fuck off you twat. The article wasn't wrong. Regardless, people should be able to spell relatively simple things without having to rely on articles etc. By the way, did I mention that you're a wankjob?
  • Paul
    @ englebert.humperdink. That's more like it. At least you've communicated why you thought I was talking shite in your words. Unfortunately though, you've made incorrect assumptions about what I was saying. I was simply offering up a possible reason or two as to why someone would choose ps3 over Xbox. I also cited halo as a reason why someone would choose Xbox instead. Nothing fanboy about it. And I own both consoles myself by the way. Not that I ought to have to justify myself to someone I don't know.
  • badger
    What a lot of fuss over a toy.
  • Spencer
    at the risk of getting set upon... doesn't a ps4 seem somewhat unnecessary? look at the jump between ps2 and ps3 - I'd say it was significant... bluray drive, full 1080p hd output, bluetooth, networking, wifi, web browsing... and all the other new stuff the ps3 brought out the box... as far as I can tell the ps4 - better graphics providing you have high enough resolution monitor. and to those of you who want to play your games on a tv rather than a monitor.... that'll be £3k please. another thought... any native 4k games are going to come at a price as well... developers will take longer to programme and code all those extra polygons and textures... and spend more time and money producing a 4k game... a cost which ultimately filters to the consumer... which means 2 things: 1. games are going to get more expensive to recoup those costs and 2. producing a game becomes even more expensive and time consuming meaning only games that are pretty certain of making profit get made... riskier ideas aren't invested in, and that means fewer games get made... meaning less choice and fewer gaming options.... just my two cents... please feel free to insult and criticize in transparent troll fashion....
  • Paul
    Oh sod it. I'm going to have to do this- i'm gay. Sorry to come out on a violent forum but your rage really turns me on boys.
  • Chewbacca
    @Spencer "doesn’t a ps4 seem somewhat unnecessary? " Only if you don't want to play the latest games.
  • Nobody y.
    @Chewbacca Just fuck off, please. You're boring, and likely, a very sad, angry and lonely man.
  • Brits p.
    LOL watch out for "Chewbacca", we have a nerdy angry virgin. Not everyone is as big of a loser as you and not everyone cares that it is spelled blu-ray. I guess I would be angry about every little thing if I had never seen a real woman naked and I lived in some crappy country.Go ask your dad where the anti-freeze for the car is and drink it,if you guys can afford a car.

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