PS4 NEO - released this year with VR?

PS4 NEO - released this year with VR?

There's quite a lot of buzz around the next PlayStation console, and so (relatively) soon after the PS4, here comes the PS4 Neo, or PS4 that is 4K if you prefer.

It looks like it'll be getting a release this year, and there's a lot of strong rumours about the next video games machine.

It doesn't look like the new Sony console is going to that much expensive than a PS4 (with American rumours saying it'll be $100 more, so in the UK, we're looking at somewhere in the £350/£400 region.

Not only that, we suspect that the PS4 NEO could be bundled together with PS VR, which is great news for early adopters.

Of course, it'll be a very powerful machine - more powerful than anything else on the market, which means amazing graphics and fast games.

GameStop COO Tony Bartel, said that there was a new console imminent: "Although we have not modelled extensive growth for new innovation in this presentation, we are very pleased to see the introduction of technology like virtual reality and rumoured new console launches. Some of which seem imminent."

That could mean a new Nintendo console, but now, it looks more likely to be the PS4 NEO.

Apart from any VR releases, the PS4 NEO doesn't look like it'll have its own designated games, which means all the releases for the PS4 are good to go on it. Crucially, that means you don't have to wait around for ages for new video games.

If you already have a PS4, and buy a PS4 NEO, we would be very, very surprised if Sony don't allow you to ship the games over from your old console to the new one (or, more realistically, give you free downloads for games you've already purchased).

An October release seems to be the most fancied among the gaming sites and blogs, which makes sense if Sony want to rake it in for Christmas.

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