PS4 jailbreak lets you play pirated games

ps4 Are you one of those people that likes opening up video games consoles, and tinkering with the insides so you can do things that, strictly speaking, you shouldn't be? Do you have a PlayStation 4?

There's some good news for you. A hacker has popped up their PS4, jailbroken the thing, so pirated games and homebrew apps can run on it. Nightmare for Sony. And how do you do it? Well, it stems from the Cobra USB game emulator.

The hacking squad called H3ck34 said that they'd managed to do it, however, until a number of people have done it, don't be wrecking the warranty on your PS4 just yet. It seems that Cobra Team's PS Vita project, which is an emulator which would allow you to run hooky games on your console. Apparently, the USB device will be sold for around £80. It was supposed to be out last month, but there's delays.

Anyway, you might be wondering how the hackers did the jailbreak. Well, there is a kernel exploit that can be found in the PlayStation firmware version 1.76, and a developer called CTurt tweeted that they had been successful in jailbreaking the PlayStation 4 by using a FreeBSD kernel exploit. Basically, the long and short of it is that the jailbreak meant that a custom firmware can be installed on the console.

Of course, if someone down the pub is offering to get your PS4 tinkered with for this process, remember this - and this has always been the case with gaming - if you mess with the innards of a console in a way that is unauthorised by the manufacturer, there's a chance your device will be bricked, and obviously, Sony aren't going to honour your warranty.

With this news, Sony will most likely issue a patch to try and shore this up.

If you've taken all this into consideration and are still interested on some level, then you'll have to wait for the jailbreak to be released. When it does, you'll be able to play games from consoles that are pre-PS4, which is obviously great news.

CTurt seems to be the main person to check on, and they have a Github page where you can follow their work, and keep an eye out for any full PS4 jailbreak.

This won't mean a lot to most people, so for the layman, all you need to know is this - at some point this year, someone might be able to chip your console, so you can play pirated games, which will be cheaper (and more illegal) than buying official titles. For the enthusiastic hacker out there, you'll already know what to do.

Either way, this is a headache for Sony and the PlayStation team.


  • FRED
    what the point paying for a ps4 is you going jail brake the games . you wont be able to update your ps4. PAY FOR YOUR GAMES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND SUPPORT GAMING WORLD YOU PIKEYS !
  • Jessie J.
    Another nail in the Xbox One coffin. The first console of any generation to be hacked has pretty much always outsold the others by half. Bet Sony are really pissed. Wear my hat low.
  • LoverVideogame I.
    I can't wait! I only buy Mortal Kombat, DC and WWE! My life began though when I got the first Xbox and modded it and installed an arcade emulator with first Mortal Kombat, and Mortal Kombat II. I eventually gave it to my bro and I spent $500.00 on my PS3 so it's fair. Everybody knows since 2012 jailbreaking has been legal and all up to you on how you use it but I never cared I always got things for free and still do but I still did and do pay to see movies in theaters etc.. And buy what I'm going to play by myself. But even before I didn't care I had a Wii that was modded that eventually stopped working with Wii Games discs, ISOs and WBFSs all together but I fixed by installing another CIOS over the CIOS that messed it up hooray! Plays Wii wbfs from the hard drive from Wii Flow that I installed before and as a channel with Smash Bros. Brawl and whatever else I eventually add when I'm not lazy lol! So they just gotta make a new Smash Bros. with Team Rocket as DLC and the new Pokemon games have DLC with them and all the original characters too. But totally separate but yes Everybody does it. It's all up to you on how use it for all you crazy people of the old world not just stupid old people people of 90s too who don't know jailbreaking all up to you on how you use it. Never going to change. But again people of the now never care next-gen along with you 90s people who are apart of us. Totally separate But all gens love Pokemon just now the religious old people that don't know it's not spiritual just the word for everything down there is spirit and that's because it's made in Japan but it has nothing to do with spirits just one episode like with every anime cartoon. Made in Japan My parents used to think it was spiritual but it's not and they know that now because of our friend who knows everything about Japan and knows that word is just used everywhere down there and of course theres one weird episode in every anime that actually has to do with spirits but it's only one. But anyways that's totally separate from what I'm going to say right now because all gens love Pokemon but this is totally separate. Everyone before the late 80s, 90s and now is the past and old as hell don't count as people. Only what's real and authentic actually made by the actual people of things get re-released. That's only the arcade machines of Mortal Kombat have been re-released because of all things the happened especially the snes because of what Nintendo did to the first you can only get the Arcade Machines officially and that's it. Like I said above that's when my life began LOL. The only reason I spent the time working on my brothers Wii was because of Smash Bros. that had Pokemon in it and we had gotten to it and still are! We're on the first on Netflix and then we'll get to the second and then all the episodes I have downloaded on my hard drive 20 seasons! Ever since our friend Amy told us the truth about anime as I said above. I also have every Pokemon GBA rom which I can add to his gameboy emulator which is on his wii along with N64, Nes, Snes, and Atari etc. Course we only play what's real and authentic actually made by the actual people. For the past two years officially that's been released totally separate But anyways now ya know Jericho! LOl But anyways people can't wait for this to come out along with me I'm so excited! That'll be awesome!!! And FUCK FRED ABOVE HE SUCKS BALLS!
  • LoverVideogame I.
    Sorry forgot to say old people percentage are a billion zeros and one after those billion zeros don't count as people. FUCK THEM! FUCK OLD PEOPLE IN THE ASS! DIDN'T GROW UP WITH THE GOD LIKE STUFF WE HAVE NOW!
  • LoverVideogame I.
    THEY CAN SUCK ON IT ALL DAY LONG! RATHER GO TO HELL OR BE TORTURED TO DEATH THAN BECOME LIKE THEM! But anyways sorry that has nothing do with anything but yeah I love you your my people you just don't know what I'm gonna do what I have to do for the apocalypse I'll tell everybody what I had to do for the apocalypse and everybody will join me in the space station and be immortal. BECAUSE I'M GOING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BUILD A SPACE STATION AND INVENT SOMETHING THAT MAKES PEOPLE IMMORTAL AND NEVER DIE! Love you bye.
  • LoverVideogame I.
    Sorry for talking so much and everything it's just who I am. Again love you bye.
  • LoverVideogame I.
    And yes Once Upon A Time's Rumplesteilskin stole that line from me I'm sorry it was insane watching him copy what I aways think and say etc. in Once Upon a Time. Anyways love you guys sorry if if I was driving you all crazy. Now I'm officially done.
  • LoverVideogame I.
    What I said when I was commenting it's who I am it's what I do that's what I was talking about in the comment above^ Bye for real this time 100%
  • Father J.
    And they tell us that video gaming doesn't rot people's brains. Jeez...
  • ps4 j.
    Looks like a new ps4 jailbreak will be available soon..

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