PS4 games are all £50 and upward, just like the Xbox One

ps4 With Steam working so well, some optimists figured that with the next-gen consoles, there would be a load of cheap downloadable games we could get our hands on. However, Sony are behind the PS4 and they don't like value-for-money.

Prices have been announced for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the cheapest games are £50. If you're a teenager, get a part-time job now or you'll be playing nothing 'til the New Year.

FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are all going for £55 on PSN (Sony's online marketplace), which are exactly the same price as the games on Xbox Live. Even PS4 exclusives - Knack and Killzone - are only £2 cheaper at £53.

Oddly, physical copies of games are going cheaper (around the £46 mark), which is strange seeing as there's a manual, cover, box and Blu Ray disc. One thing that might be bringing the price down is that you can't play games directly off the disc, instead, you have to install them, thereby making the packaging a big waste of everyone's time.

"As PS4 and PSN have not yet officially launched in this region, nothing on the PSN is final, including pricing on the store," Sony said. "You will continue to see some prices adjusted over the next few days in preparation for launch on Friday."

For bargains, it will definitely be worth waiting for 2014 to roll in because, as it stands, you'll either be forking out loads of money or getting bored of the scant games available.


  • Tits M.
    Most of these were £25 the other day on currys thanks to a code
    The Goose that laid the golden games egg is slowly being strangled by greed. I no longer buy new games I get mine from E Bay second hand.
  • Paul D.
    Get the PS3 versions of COD Ghosts / Battlefield 4 for 24.99 at Game, and upgrade them to the PS4 version for 9.99. That's magic!
  • DaveL
    The 1st party XBox One games are £45 for digital copies (Dead Rising 3 for example)
  • Dav
    These prices are mad and with both consoles have plenty of early teething troubles I will wait until the new year after the first buyers (beta testers) iron out all the problems and the games get cheaper.
  • klingelton
    still got plenty of decent titles on the ps3 to play though - and so will be playing though those before upgrading. Gives me chance to save up some money as well.
  • jokester2
    The only people that buy digitally-distributed games instead of physical copies are idiots that have more money than sense unless the "digital" version is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. Digital downloads are all worth £0.00 once you have purchased them. Physical copies are still worth their "used" value which usually isn't much below the new value. Also, Sony and Microsoft's download services deny your LEGAL rights in regards to refunds, etc.

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