PS4 and Xbox One to be hacked over Christmas

hackers Remember when the networks for PS4 and Xbox One got tampered with by bored hackers over Christmas? Well, looks like it'll be happening again this year, which is irritating.

The Lizard Squad were responsible for the last outage, but this time, the people threatening to do it are called Phantom Squad. They've said that they're going to stick a fork in Xbox Live and PSN services for a full week over Christmas.

We should point out that this isn't strictly a hack, but rather, a DDoS attack, but no-one would read a story with a headline that says DDoS in it. No matter - arrests were made the last time this happened, so it is serious enough.

On Twitter, Phantom Squad said: "We are going to shut down Xbox Live and PSN this year on Christmas. And we are going to keep them down for one week straight."

And why are they doing it? Shits and giggles you assume. They've said that it because "cyber security does not exist". At least they've given Microsoft and Sony some time to get themselves together to try and thwart it, eh?


  • Jessie J.
    Fucking mongs, with sad, little lives. Yeah lets stick it to the man by fucking up peoples crimbo. Utter fucktards. Do it like a brother.
  • Jon O.
    Have to agree. Script kids performing a DDoS is the least impressive thing I can imagine. Well done lads, you'll negatively impact the enjoyment of people trying to game, and use their apps on services that would have good records of stability - if YOU weren't fucking with them! Phantom Squad [lmFao, which pock-marked geek came up with that one between watching Avengers and jerking off?] can suck a dick!

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