PS3 ads that'd scare the bones out a small child's head

PS3 ads are well known for pushing the boundaries of taste and decency. Thankfully Sony didn't ask the readers of Gizmodo to answer the marketing brief, otherwise their audience would have spent more time sicking up their own organs than blasting chins off alien marauders, or whatever you do on your kiddie games all day long:

Bitterwallet - Sony PS3 adverts

There more where that came from, plenty of it NSFW - you've been warned. Still, we can't help but yearn for the days of our favourite PS2 commerical, Wolfman. There's no attempt to scare the eyes out your face, just pure batshit craziness:



  • GrumpyDragon
    The scorpion picture is originally from a French AIDS awareness campaign (and someone has photoshopped "her" stinger on upside down!)
  • McBastad
  • Benjamin
    That first one is lifted straight from an advert about safe sex isn't it?
  • Craig *.
    That wolf man advert was, and always will be, utter genius.
  • charitynjw
    THE CONFUSED KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR "Right, that's the monster sorted - now where's the princess that I've got to slay?"
  • Wolfman M.
    How can everyone say that the '41 was better? 1) The Wolfman in this film actually looks like a man and a wolf, the one in the '41 film looks like a man and a dog 2) The setting looked 100x better in this film 3) The Wolfman in the 1941 film was a bitch and died from his dad beating him to death, in this film he was shot, beat badly by another wolfman, and had a spear thrown in him.

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