Proof that games don't make kids crazy. Maybe milk on the lips does...

Here's a poor teenager dealing with the fact that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 doesn't live up to his expectations by punching the living daylights out of his wall and crying like a baby. What's more, he's got milk on his lips and he doesn't give a shit.

His grievance? He 'can't get into it.' Fair enough - we were like that with Spooks until the third series. Seriously. The milk on the lips, the wall-punching, the wailing, all the same symptoms.

The rash of copycat videos has already started and life's not going to get much better for this kid over the coming weeks. Still, it's one to show the grandchildren when he's older...


  • Gregor
    wot a loser. ppl take games faaaaaar to serious
  • dasher
    Awww diddums!!! Cant get into it, so ill video myself and take it out on a wall to try and get some attention! MUPPET!!
  • Lockjaw
    Had to be a brummie. Punch the wall a few more times and you'll be shit at games and going to the toilet aswell.
  • pEtPiG
  • Willy
    Raging penis.
  • The B.
    He obviously keeps all his dresses in that wardrobe behind him.
  • G
    Well, he's got a point.. lol, but I think this is the result of tainted milk.
  • Gunn
    Not the game though, that kind of behaviour would happen at any point if he didnt get what he wanted.
  • jp
    I'm not sure what's more disturbing, the content, the half-million views or the fact I watched it twice.
  • ab
    He obviously has much deeper issues than CODMW2.
  • Tom L.
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Who are they?
  • Esarty
    @Tom Lampard Exactly
  • seriousinternet
    ringo starr is having a hissy fit on my computer what the fuck
  • Michael
    I'm not so sure he should be playing. I'm sure modern warfare2 was not meant to be sold to under 18s. Have a word with his mum.
  • negbobsquarepants
    I didn't really Razorlights lead singer was such a CoD fan... Maybe we should be calling social services to report inadequate parenting rather than mocking this backward little prick.
  • negbobsquarepants
    I meant realise... the emotion got to me :P
  • SJT
    HAHAHAHAHAHA what a cock!
  • Jeffrey A.
    Hahahaha. I WISH I'd played him before he got rid of the game. I'd love to feel in part responsible for that display. Oh, I bet most people arrange to see him on Tuesdays so they can say "C U Next Tuesday"
  • all e.
    This is actually quite tame compared to how I act when I get noob tubed ... ... i mean only the other day some guy launched a grenade at me and I sighed quite audibly .... AUDIBLY! I should probably lay off of the game for a while and play outdoors.
  • Ben M.
    A really unfair person would point out his INCREDIBLE website... Where he points out that he is "awesome", and "the one everyone tries to impress". :(
  • pauski
    I don't think he will have any children - so please don't have nightmares.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Can anyone explain why the creaTORS OF Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 put a RUBBER SEX DOLL in a bath on one of the stages? It was really embarrassing when i played that stage and my mother saw that SEX thing!
  • flamingcarrot
    oooh, he even has a Birthday dance! this guy is pretty, pretty cool...............
  • Hmmm
    How has no1 called this guy a c*nt yet?! is the use of the word banned now!?
  • Hmmm
    wait, that idiot is 19, i didnt give him half the twatish credit he deserves..
  • Jeffrey A.
    Jesus Christ on a bike. I thought he was a cunt before I read his website. I was wrong. I didn't do him justice. He's worth hunting through the accessories folder for character map so that I can label him... Über Kunt
  • Chris
    He's a CUNT and a TWAT, simple as.
  • Robin
    um... probably had to sell his bung hole to raise the money to buy this game...
  • Jack
    What a loser, surely he is not 19?! Haha
  • Mike
    Taken from his website under the 'My Popular Life' tab: "I'm Better Than Everybody. Some people find me arrogant. Don't like that? Leave. I don't need you anyway.I have enough people desperately seeking my attention. Oh, but my massive popularity is no accident. I studied social psychology and human behavior for years to alter my personality and become a master of social manipulation and human interaction." Im better than him at web design.
  • Roger F.
    this is a crazy thing to think about but, yes i agreed with you. Regards, Roger

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