Price drop on Xbox One consoles

Price drop on Xbox One consoles

Seeing as there's a new Xbox coming out, there's going to be a price war on the original model - and Game and Amazon are straight in there.

The new, slimmer, 4K Xbox One S will be available in August, and has a price of $299, which equates to around £210. We'd be surprised if it sells at that price in the UK though.

The 500GB Xbox One is dropping in price, and there's one offer on Amazon that'll bag you one for £208.99.

And with that deal, you'll get a controller and a free month of EA Access and a copy of FIFA 16. Not bad at all.

If you want something with a bit more oomph, you can get the 1TB version of the Xbox One (no games with this one, sadly) for £229.

Should you have a GAME store nearby, they're selling an Xbox One with Rare Replay and Ori and the Blind Forest for £229.99 (down by £70).

Currys also have a name-your-game bundle for an Xbox, also for £229.99, that comes with a controller.

If you don't mind having a refurbished one, then there's a deal where you can get an Xbox One for the very good price of £186.90.

There's going to be more offers on the original Xbox One console for sure, so keep an eye out if you're patient.

With the new console being pushed, shops are going to want to get rid of the older models, so there's going to be some great bundles with games and the like, in the coming weeks.

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