Presenting the Shii - the Wii for girls

Who says games consoles are just for overgrown boys? Nobody, unless they want a crack in the mouth with the wrong stick. This is 2009 bub and girls are just as likely to be fiddling with little joysticks and jabbing away at buttons as the guys are. Look here see.

Now it seems there’s even a new version of the best-selling Nintendo Wii just for da laydeez, with a range of games that fit in with their modern lifestyles. It all goes slightly NSFW towards the end, but apart from that it’s completely sound from an ethical perspective. Isn’t it?


  • Martin
    Typical Dutch humour. Great!
  • Andy
    Tring Star and Suckend Life were quite funny! But by this comedy's logic, the original console was called a Hii - which its not :P
  • dan m.
    umm ur not funny andy..zzzzz
  • badmans
    Surely by its logic, and as the wii is genderless, the wii is the starting point, and hii would be the male version. Rubish article, do you just sit on youtube all day, see something teetering on the edge of funny, but not quite making it, and then making an article of it? you only get hits from HUKD. Vince Wong is your only writer who has something to say. the rest of you just write filler.
  • Doodaa
    Well, I thought it was funny.
  • Weiner
    The wii is for girls anyway. Anyone who thinks otherwise is confused...
  • Amanda H.
    Shotgun! For the one on the left!? Mike can have the one on the right, he can teach her how to do it properly.

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