Portable ZX Spectrum out in October

Portable ZX Spectrum out in October

ZX Spectrum fans have had a lot to be giddy about in recent years, and now, the best news of all - the portable version of the classic computer is going to get released next month.

The Vega+ is a handsome looking thing, and will come with 1,000 games, and will set you back around £100. Very reasonable price that, if you're bored of playing your old Speccy games on ropey emulators online.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ fans will get their paws on their machines on October 20th.

The Vega+ has a nice in-built screen, and is a proper, portable console. It is a superior bit of kit compared to the original Vega.

Obviously, you can rig your Vega+ up to the television as well, if you want to play on a larger screen and relive your glory days.

Everything you need to know can be found over at the official website.

You can also hit play on this video, if you're in no mood to read anymore words.

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