Popwallet part 2: Limited edition Beatles Rock Band game - at £170, will they include 'You Never Give Me Your Money?'

For some of us, the cult of Rock Band and Guitar Hero flies straight over our heads. That’s because we’re the kind of effortlessly cool people who sneer at the artless rock fret-twattery of groups like Aerosmith and Metallica. NOBODY at school who liked that kind of stuff was ever worth talking to. Besides, you couldn’t understand them, what with the whole breathing-through-the-mouth thing.

Granted, the games DO look devilishly appealing but what the hell is there for the kind of people who love pop? Where is the Kraftwerk version of the games, with synths instead of guitars? No? How about The Kinks then? Okay, we’ll settle for the Beatles. Which is great, as the first details of the Fab Four’s Rock Band tie-in have been announced.

The ‘Limited Edition Premium Bundle’ will include The Beatles: Rock Band game; a Höfner bass controller, Beatlesque and Ludwig-branded Rock Band drums with classic pearl finish, a metal kick pedal and a vintage replica drumhead; plus a microphone with stand and mysterious “additional special content.” Which we fervently hope will be a robot Yoko Ono.

But we’re less excited by the announcement that the Premium Bundle will be retailing at less-than-fab $250; that’s £168 in our money! The whole thing will hit the streets on September 9th if you’re planning on splashing your cash on it. You won’t see us in the queue though.



  • RazorD
    Willing to bet this will be more like £229->£249 here, and thats even if they bother with it here. MTV Games/EA aren't that great at worldwide releases.
  • georgeous
    id buy it if i can get the game on its own
  • Failure I.
    They have made a monumental FAIL with this. I am even tempted to spell it with a 'ph' because it is that bad. I am not sure if they have noticed or not, but... it is the SAME PRICE AS WII in asda with 3 games.
  • WOW
    this will be as popular as 3 dimesional chess. Its ironic because they both fail on so many different levels. (if you dont know what i mean, you haven't seen the 3D chess board) <>
  • Jack
    It will be at least £199 here, probably £229 like Razor said. And perhaps you were the uncool person at school
  • Rubisco
    £9.99 guitar controllers in Argos Drums available for about £30, various places You can use regular headsets as mics Too much old cheap equipment floating around so the only people who would buy this are the kind of fans who would buy it whether it's £129 or £199 So not fail at all, a shrewd move.
  • Maxwell
    I've been looking forward to this along with a few friends because I simply assumed you would be able to buy it solus. I still am assuming you will.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] couple of months ago, we had a bit of a sour-mouthed whinge about the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game ($250 for the Premium Bundle!) but now that we’ve seen [...]

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