Poor HMV launch tight-fisted trade-in app

Bitterwallet - HMV iPhone app

Oh, HMV. They have all those money troubles to worry about, so they launch an app that could be potentially groundbreaking for their mainstream market and garner lots of positive press. And yet, they completely fail to do so on account of being tight.

The high street retailer's free app, Re/Play, is available for both iPhone and Android. With it, you can check how much you can trade old games in for, either by typing the title or using a barcode scanner. That's it. Very basic functionality, but then it only has one job to do properly - entice you into selling your second-hand games to HMV, so they can turn a tidy profit.

We've gone through a few examples, and HMV are offering peanuts for your games - you'll almost certainly get a better deal through high street stores like GAME, while Amazon currently offer over twice the cash price that HMV will give you for Lego Batman Wii. A nice idea HMV, but we think it'll only attract complete novices to trade-in, and they'll soon get wise.


  • Vic T.
    I have used this App and their prices were higher than Game both for 3 x Wii games and the console itself; although the trade-in I used against PS3 Move stuff and that was more expensive than buying them from Game Swings and Roundabouts!!
  • FFS
    Except that Lego games are on a special trade-in offer at Game at the moment, making this a crap basis for comparison.
  • Jerec
    What does it matter either way? HMV are knock merchants that with any luck will hurry up and die already! Trading games is 99% a mugs game anyway, you will always get more if you sell on Ebay, no matter what game you have or what deal is on somewhere.
  • Jerec p.
  • Rup
    GAME trade in prices better than hmv? You're having a laugh aren't you? hmv regularly offer better prices for games I've traded. Try comparing a few more with GAME and you should be pleasantly surprised.... (as I was)
  • callum
    Why are HMV being criticised for this? They are the only company who is so transparent with the trade-in prices, with the others relying on you just going to the one store instead of going around several for the sake of a few pounds.
  • callum
    "Trading games is 99% a mugs game anyway, you will always get more if you sell on Ebay, no matter what game you have or what deal is on somewhere." Not true. I remember trading in a pack of 4 old DS games for £50 in Game - worth about £20 brand new. As well as getting £20 in ASDA for a PS3 game that sells for around £18 on eBay (so after fees and postage, at least 25% less and much more hassle).

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