Pokemon Go to show you 'Nearby'

Pokemon Go 'Nearby'

You may have been stuck behind someone dawdling in the street because they're too engrossed in Pokemon Go and wanted to slay them in the street, but the popularity of the app remains!

And there's going to be some improvements, which will thrill 'trainers', as Niantic Labs are issuing some updates, which is going see some changes being made to the 'Nearby' section.

So what's occurring?

Well, instead of just showing you Pokemon with footprints next to them, this new version with show a photo of where the Pokemon is precisely. That'll make your life a bit easier.

As well as that, there'll be a 'Sightings' section, so you can see which Pokemon have been spotted by other people in your area. It'll all make your battery really hot too, no doubt.

It looks like this is a thing which will tide gamers over, until the app gets an entirely new tracking system, which is being tested out (apparently).

This new 'Nearby' thing looks a bit like this.

Now, you Pokemon Go players go and have fun, but seriously, if you could tuck in a bit instead of stopping dead in-front of people in the street, that'd be really great.

Or someone's going to jam that phone of yours up a hole that is too small to facilitate a handheld device.

What do you think?

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