PlayStation video store to launch in November

Owners of a PlayStation3, rejoice! Those of you eyeing up the new PS3 Slim and PSPgo, your luck's in. Sony has announced the launch of its own video store this November in countries across Europe, including the UK.

Most of the major movie companies  are in on the deal, meaning you'll be able buy or rent recent blockbusters such as Transformers 2, Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And there's Terminator Salvation too. There'll also be local content available too, so in time you'll be able to watch recent television shows through your PlayStation.

The video delivery service will be fully integrated within the PlayStation Network, using the same log-in, wallet system and user-interface. Users can also access certain games or other content on their PS3 while the downloads are taking place. So that's good.


  • The B.
    Or you could just download your tv shows like most people do already, why wait 6 months for something to come over from the States when you can watch it at your convenience?
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    Ta for the information, very usefull
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