Playstation promo makes a Move on Nintendo and Microsoft

Three years late to the party, Sony are gearing up to launch Playstation Move, a wireless, motion-controlled handset. Just like Nintendo's Wii, then. But Sony aren't happy taking on just Nintendo; they're so confident their new controller is going to set the world of gaming on fire and raze it to the ground, that they've produced a promotional video slating both the Wii and Project Natal - Microsoft's controller-free gaming system launching later in the year.

It's been a while since we've seen such a smug, self-satisfied, shit-eating grin like Keith Butler's, so don't be alarmed if you feel the uncontrollable urge to force your foot through the screen.


  • Joff
    This isn't real.. is it? It's an April 1st joke surely. Black wiimote + ping pong ball?
  • Ben M.
    if you had told me Microsoft made that as a spoof, I'd have believed you. It sounds as if they are taking the piss out of themselves. When he says "it's been a massive success", he's just told us all food is eaten through straws. So he's being sarcastic, right?
  • Shooter M.
    I hope the hardware is better than their shit advert
  • Michael A.
    That tit nearly turfed his futuristic orange juice onto the floor.
  • Gunn
    Love these ads, shame they aren't shown in the UK.
  • Rob
    I like him.
  • Rolly
    Cant believe the comments on here... he IS being sarcastic you silly sods! Anyone ever seen The Office at all?
  • MinstrelMan
    I'm sure I've seen Sticky Vicky fire these out of her minge.
  • WSW
    You saw someone fire it out of their pubic hair?
  • Ronald M.
    sarcastic - you fuck wit this is at best sardonic at most its ironic fuck off back under your stone
  • dunfyboy
    Given the rip off price they charge for a DS3 you'll have to sell a kidney to afford one of their light up dildos.
  • Christopher
    The ping pong balls make sense. Regular motion capture device, I was amazed MS thought they could do it without any obvious reference points, at the very least Sony should have less errors when capturing movement. But still, if that ad's real, I'm amazed...
  • Jeffrey A.
    It's gonna be a very interesting christmas Anyway, with both aiming to launch just before... Although if GT5 has proven us anything, I'd bet more on the ping pong stick release date being something like November 2016.
  • Jack
    lol @ who wants to pretend their hand is a gun, while a guy in the background is doing just that
  • Morocco
    Kevin Butler is a fictitious character portrated by actor Jerry Lambert. He's no more real that that "HI! I'M BARRY SCOTT! LOOK WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH A PENNY! BANG, AND THE DIRT IS GONE!" fuckwit.
  • Koworld
    I hate the way Americans say 'flan'.
  • Jack
    @Morocco ORLY? Or should you name yourself Captain Obvious

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