Playstation Neo to drop in September

Playstation Neo to drop in September

Sony look like they'll be releasing the PlayStation Neo (or, the PlayStation 4K if you prefer) in September.

It looks like Sony are going after the Christmas shopping money, and it could be a double-win for gaming fans, as the release of the new PlayStation could see a drop in price for other things.

Basically, we could see cheap PlayStation 4 consoles on the market, and great deals on PS4 games too.

Apparently, Sony have chosen September 7th as the date to release the console, so they can get in there before Nintendo announce the NX at the Tokyo Game Show on September 12th.

So, before the year is out, we could see the launch of PS4 Neo, and Sony's PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation Neo is basically going to be the standard PS4, but on steroids. Better graphics, quicker everything, and it'll be backward compatible with the first version of PS4 games.

We still don't know about the price of the thing, but Microsoft will be worried because the PS4 Neo is very likely to knock the Xbox One S into a cocked hat.

If Sony get the VR element right, they could obliterate the competition. We'll have to wait and see how much it'll all cost though, to see if it'll really shake up the gaming world.

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