Playstation announce VR release and price

Sony-Morpheus Those of you who have a Sony Playstation will be thrilled to learn that you will be able to go into virtual reality in October, when the tech giant releases their VR headset. How much? It'll set you back £349.99 in the UK (and $399 in the States).

It'll work with your PS4, and you'll be able to play games while experiences mild motion sickness, in glorious 360 degree environments.

You'll note that Sony are selling theirs for a fair bit cheaper than their VR rivals HTC Vive (around £700) and Facebook's Oculus Rift (going for around £500). If you want in, and only have whatever you find down the back of the couch, you can get Google Cardboard for a couple of quid.

There'll be games for the PS4 version, with Sony saying that they think there's going to be over 50 games available before this year is out, which is great news.

Andrew House, the president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said that this release is "a bit later than the timeframe we previously stated. We wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware".

There's going to be a lot of add-ons that means the full PS4 VR experience is going start adding up when it comes to money, so the camera you'll need for the experience is going for around £40, and of course, you'll need a PS4 console if you don't have one already. There's also Move controllers that you'll need, which will cost £20 each.

Of course, Sony will be getting their heads together as we speak, looking at bundles and what prices they can offer for them, but if you're an early adopter, you're going to have to start saving up now.

Loads of information on Sony's PlayStation VR release, here.

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