Playing Modern Warfare 2? You're so yesterday

All you gamers who slogged down to Tesco at midnight for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - you'd better get your skates on and complete it, because MW3 is right around the corner:

[The Onion]


  • SJT
    Bwah ha ha ha ha
  • Jamie
    Christ, they do like to milk this series.
  • Shadow
    obviously this is a parody
  • Gah
    @Shadow You think?
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Wonder how much i will be able to pick this up in Makro or Sainsburys?
  • Ian P.
    Sounds good - just want to get the same kind of realism out of the football games ; buying cars, night clubs, picking up girls ..nightclubs, court case over GBH in a restaurant - amazingly let off etc, lurid tabloid stores re drugs/girls/nightclubs , crashing supercar, buying new car and with a bonus of some actual football game play as well - well just a little to keep it real obviously....
  • Shadow
    @Gah By the way Jamie was talking - it felt like he/she/it felt it was real. This wasn't directed to you perhaps?
  • brian o.
    hi im also a brain and also is my wife, i bet this gets released before christmas
  • Bo
    You're a brain?......
  • Jamie
    @Gah: Successful sarcasm, then, I suppose. It's good to know that brain couples can live together in harmony nowadays.
  • Jamie
    @Me: That was directed at Shadow. Unsuccessful, shame on me.

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