Play the new Doom for free

Play the new Doom for free

A lot of gamers have been raving about Doom, which has been out a matter of weeks, fizzing at the mouth about the single player bit of the game is.

You may have missed out, or indeed, not sure if you want to buy it or not without having a play with the game first.

Well, there's some good news for you! A Doom demo has been released, which you can have for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That's right - completely free for you!

You don't get the whole game for free, obviously.

What you will get, is the whole first level of Doom, which is playable, and naturally, filled with all that terror, gore, and mega-violence you'd want from this release.

The demo will only be available for a week from today, the 13th of June 2016. That means, if you want in, you'll have to act sharply.

Have a look in your PSN store, Xbox store and like, and you will be indulging in gruesome glory kills in no time.

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