PC World officially end instore price matching

According to insider MasterMunt on HUKD, the staff at PC World have had Head Office notification that the instore price matching is officially no more. Customers must now go through the telephone rigmarole (receipt, sku, store details) in order to get the price match.

There's still some good deals to be had by getting the 110% promise applied but it involves more work than before and frankly might not be worth the hassle in a lot of cases. You can view the PC World pricematch policy here: Price Match Promise

Thanks to cpchannel on flickr for the pic


  • Stephen
    Strange, a friend at work managed to get the East Kilbride store to price match some dual layer dvds with amazon...this was sunday the 19th October
  • Paul N.
    I think their communication isn't tops as there has been a lot of conflicting responses coming from PC World even when they were publicly saying they were doing instore pricematch. I suspect the news and guidelines are going to take a while to filter down. In the meantime if you can do it great but I guess we can't rely on it!

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