PC World discusses finances, toilet behaviour on public blog

Wow. The whole Bitterwallet office has spent an hour grouped around one screen, our jaws slack and our brains struggling to comprehend what we were reading. A branch of PC World are using a public blog to discuss incentives, sales figures, customer service and disciplinary action. Isn't that sort of stuff, you know, private?

Apparently not. Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Billy Blanks, we have peered through a window into life at at PC World in Ipswich, although the view from that window was not unlike witnessing a speeding wagon of anthrax ploughing into a field of nuns. The staff and management have seemingly denounced the use of a private intranet, and have instead resorted to publishing sensitive financial information and personal bathroom habits on Blogspot.

The blog is at pcw0728.blogspot.com - although we dare say unless you're quick off the mark, it'll have been removed by the time you read this. Not to worry; you could have spent hours reading through the illiterate postings, but we've picked out a selection for your entertainment and disbelief:

[Note - Uusurprisingly, the blog has now been made private, but you can still enjoy our selection of posts below]


  • Paolos
    .......Cue all PC World employee's defending the company....................
  • Tino
    Ahh.. now they make it restricted!!
  • blackgerbil1
    get a real job like a stok broker or model, i'm both just 120k a year :) ohh and i'm buff gayls
  • -=Mike H.
    You didn't highlight 'Next (suits)' for Court Apperance or interview purposes!
  • Bob
    The Blog was privated at 8PM last night, and the link was put up the day after - inside job perhaps? And "blackgerbil1" - It's Stockbroker, not "stok broker". Also - the Sky minisite only works from a PC World / Curry's terminal, and you still need the ASA number (7 digits) to log in. So the password is pretty unimportant...
  • The B.
    Bob, don't bother correcting the spelling mistakes, that was actually a fairly comprehensible post for him, he must have IT 3rd period to have access to the pc, shame he doesn’t know how to use the spell checker.
  • jaysexy212005
    Hmmm, someone is in trouble today....
  • Steve
    I work for the Techguys, even I found that pretty comical......
  • Dr.Faustus
    Where did you say this store was? Ipswitch... of course that is why they were accessing the Manchester United website! What ever happened to supporting your home team (no matter how naff they are!)
  • Current M.
    LOL - Methinks that the staff and management in Ipswich will now be joining the long queue at the job centre, thats if anyone at Hemel has got the balls they'll sack the whole store. But seen as Ipswich is seen as one of the top stores in the company nothing will probably happen. its a shame its blocked now, would have been good to see what sensitive information was been posted
  • Hmmmm
    I work for PCW down south and this is just embarrasing!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!! Although i dont think some of the comments are that bad, under promise, over deliver for example, thats just common sense, at least one person there seems to have some...
  • Michael
    Loving the fact staff are allowed to use any of the items, as long as they box it up afterwards for sale. Great!! You charge too much AND its 2nd hand when we buy it!!!
  • Bob
    I work for PCW, this all seems a little bit OT, as if someone is pointing out the floors in the shop, and if it isnt just somebody with beef causing trouble, im saddend by the lack of inteligence thats been displayed. Happy?
  • bitter l.
    Does bitter wallet really have nothing else better to do?
  • veedubjai
    Maybe BW should forward this post to the CEO of PCW & get his opinion on this.
  • The B.
    Define irony: Going out of your way to post on a website that you obviously don't like to ask them if they "really have nothing else better to do?". Lol.
  • Oh B.
    Bob. You spealt 'intelligent' wrong. Which means you fall into the PCW 'stereotype'.
  • fluff
    "The Blog was privated at 8PM last night, and the link was put up the day after - inside job perhaps?" The link went up on the RSS feed at 8pm also, but pulled from the blog, I think there may of been some communication between PCW and Bitterwallet?
  • For o.
    This just in: Slow news day at Bitter Wallet sees bitching over the shop Britain (clearly) loves to hate. Yes, you got it - after discuussing the difference in Tescos Ambrosia pricing-structure, mentioning the fact that in order to fund selling certain things cheaply companies then charge extra for the add-ons and deciding that just about every retailer in the country is pure, 100%, solid-gold evil - the guys over at Bitter Wallet thought they'd brighten up your dull little worlds with the next bit of doom and gloom... That is to say that it's incredibly sensationalist that a store has a sense of community, takes a pride in itself, shares tips, keeps bogies off of the bathroom walls - you know, the fundamentals. Grow up. Poo-poo-heads.
  • Boring
    How are any of those screenshots unbelievable? Are they seriously the worst posts you could find?! Every company has a member of staff or two that have habits worse than your own, what easier way to communicate these than through an online blog? The most confidential thing you have found is a Sky microsite password which is quite obviously only available in-store. Big whoop, Well done Paul Smith, looks like you're always going to be reporting on pointless blogs...
  • Wow
    All i can say is wow. The people that have replied with comments like "OMG?!" are clearly complete 'no lifes'. Taking into consideration the author probably picked the WORST comments on the entire blog site, i'd say the guys down at PC World Ipswich are a lot more mature and well built as a working team than being made out. This is like the media picking out the bad bits of an interview and quoting them in a newspaper to make the celebrity look bad, pathetic if you ask me. If anything its nice to see they are discussing tips and communicating with one another, i know where i work we have none of that - don't even have a blog.
  • cheapskate
    @ Bob - are PCW customers so dumb that they need the floors pointing out - oh flaws! my mistake... @ For the love of... - 'in order to fund selling certain things cheaply' er what in PCW has ever been cheap? At best market value and they charge the same for returns and ex-display as for new items.
  • Paolos
    I love the way people are moaning that bitterwallet has something against pc world. The fact is, that some stupid employees thought it would be a good idea to discuss things on a public blogger account. Whatever happened to actually talking to your work colleagues face to face? Or if they are on a different shift, then what about a STAFF ROOM message board? Bitterwallet is just reporting what is happening, if you don't like what they have to report then why do you visit the site and moan about it? And I bet one of the reasons that finances weren't posted is because DSGi lawyers would have caused a shit storm that company finances are being discussed on a public forum (well blog). Its pretty straight forward to get a site shut down if you know the law, and the site in question has done something like post company finance details.
  • PCWB
  • Klauss
    It's always one rule for one set of people, and another rule for the management! People were using the internet in our store rather often but very hidden away from manager's eyes. Then they went and searched a business centre terminal "history" and gave a disciplinary to the account manager who's desk it was, even though I've seen other colleagues use it for browsing and even managers using the same terminal to watch live football results on Sky Sports and even booking their holidays abroad! Shame I couldn't get another job this week there's getting less and less opportunity out there now I'm afraid. I thought this recent reshape of the company was to get rid of the "crap" in management, seems if they kept people like that in Ipswich posting such blogs maybe they didn't reshape anything at all, except maybe the highest paid managers who have served the longest terms and kept all the "new" managers on lower salary in their jobs. Run by monkeys paying other monkeys peanuts I'm afraid.
  • John
    As a helpful tip for those of you threatened by "history" issues. Install a copy of Firefox portable on a memory stick (even your techstick as we are forced to carry the pointless f%^&ing things). Insert it on any eclipse terminal. Click start and double click on programs, after a long while (its quick second time around) an explorer window opens. click on folders and a list appears on the right hand side. Scroll down to your new drive letter for your stick, click and your memory stick contents appear. Run firefox and you leave no trace on the the terminal and you get a full browser with bookmarks, address bar etc.
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