PC World and Currys troubled by falling profits

Where in the world? PC World! Oh.The mainstream electricals market has taken a sound beating over the past twelve months. Best Buy's aggressive expansion in the UK has been anything but, with the US brand pulling out of key retail sites; Comet recently announced extensive job losses and regional chains have also been victim to poor trading conditions.

And the trouble goes all the way to the top; Dixons have today issued a profit warning after sales at British and Irish stores open over a 12 months fell 11 percent in the 11 weeks to March 26. The operators of PC World and Currys were expecting annual pre-tax profits of around £105 million by the end of April, but now believe that figure will drop to £85 million.

What to do? Well, it's likely Dixons will pull out of key European markets such as Spain, and they're also aiming to cut annual costs by £50 million for the next three years, extending a previous two year target.

It'd be easy to pick at Dixon's failure to turn fortunes around, especially since their revival plan appeared to pare back customer support to the bone, but it's clear that the high street (and retail parks) are struggling in the wake of a recession and government frugality.

Better brush up on those FIVEs, lads.



  • blarg
    if only you could know how old news FIVES actually is
  • Mienaikage
    PC World are shit and I hope they disappear off the face of the earth.
  • humphhh
    Dixons / Pc World will blame everyone except themselves. how much money is being spent (sorry wasted)on KnowHow, staff have to provide the right solutions for customers as long as they buy and antivirus office bag and whatever happens. You get the sack if they dont. ok these are margin rich products but surely dixons needs to change its model, most people don't need our help it seems in choosing a product. We are constatntly being told that the promoted laptop has no margin we make a loss on it???? wtf why buy it then. We have about 20 laptops in one category that are almost identical spec and price again why? how much does this cost. buying department should get smarter. 2 in one store are not making more money they are 2 stores in one one pc world and one currys its their combined sales together course it looks better on paper but its not better. Sure rates maybe a bit cheaper. grrrr what a shit company
  • animaus
    Unlike Woolworths, I don't think I'd be sad to see PC World or Currys disappear. It's not so much the staff that are the problem, it's then management that tell their staff to act like total shits in order to rack up profits. I went into the Tottenham Court Rd store a few weeks ago to try to buy a laptop and I hope I never have to put up with such badly rehearsed and aggressive marketing like that again. I was asked repeatedly whether I wanted laptop insurance and despite me insisting again and again that I was already totally covered under my contents insurance (I know this because of a prior break-in to my house) and the warranty, the lady there kept insisting that I buy it. The final straw was when she kept trying to use the fear of being burgled again as a way to guilt me into buying their damn cover. It's a pretty slimy sales pitch and it just reeks of fucked up training methods in that they're told to resort to that kind of bullshit.
  • happy
    It will be the happiest day of my life when PCW/Currys go bust. PCW/Currys/Dixons = Disgusting Staff Attitude PCW/Currys/Dixons = bunch of people ripping people off PCW/Currys/Dixons = horrible attitude managers work place PCW/Currys/Dixons = Most expensive place to buy IT equipments
  • the d.
    OK, I know you all seem to hate Dixons but not every store is that bad. My local branch has had the same people working there for years, they all know the products & give great advice. @happy. "It will be the happiest day of my life...." really? WOW I guess you live a pretty sheltered life then @animaus. The laptop insurance dosn't cover theft so I personally think you've jumped on the bandwagon of hate made up a story to fit in. @humphhh. Find another job if you hate it that much. @Mienaikage. Guess you were sacked by them then? @blarg. Yup you're right. Bitterwallet; move on.
  • Common S.
    They are making a profit are they not? This goes to show just how thick the population of this planet is. You can't go on making more money than you did before otherwise nobody will have any. I hope they go bust!
  • pc g.
    Hi i am a manager at a pc world branch and i make good money selling you computers ! prob more money than most of the nerds on here !! and just to let you know , the sales guys and managment do not come up with any prices !!!!!!!! so why do people keep on saying we are ripping them off ! have a go at John Browett or Seb James ! not the guys and girls who are just trying to make a living !!! thank and see you soon
  • Rob C.
    Perhaps PC World could turn their fortunes around by employing fewer semi-literate managers.
  • commy
    its disgusting, FUCKING SICK and twisted that people would like a massive company like DSG group to go bust. it'll create job losses of around 40,000!!! FORTY THOUSAND MORE PEOPLE OUT OF WORK!!! FUCK YOU
  • animaus
    @the duck - sorry to disappoint you and your internet skepticism, but what I said previously happened at the TCR branch whilst I was trying to buy a new laptop and it's not even a remotely unique experience when compared with what I've encountered in PC World/Currys over the last few years. Their staff are trained poorly, their prices aren't competitive because they can and do get away with it, and their stock selection is a bit poor (far too much badly made advent and e-machines stuff when they could diversify more). Anyway...condensed story: Moved house in December and got robbed before I got insurance (yeah, yeah), got insured soon after and made sure said insurance covered theft, damage and repairs for any future laptop, saved up over months, went to PC world a few weeks back to replace the old laptop, had shitty experience with sales oriented lady-douche who didn't listen to anything I actually wanted and who kept trying to flog me anti-virus (already got it) and their after care bollocks (already covered), walked out of store because I changed my mind, bought the same spec laptop for £200 less a few days ago online, posted story on internet. Ta-da...
  • A S.
    I'm sick of working for this shithouse company, problem is they pay too much (comparatively) for this fucking awful job so I couldn't afford the paycut to go anywhere else. I'd stack shelves in a fucking Tesco for minimum wage instead if I could afford it. The company is run by complete cunts at the top who don't actually know anything about the day to day experience of actually working in one of their shitty tin sheds, and hand out decrees and "best practices" based entirely on what they think is going on. Management level are too scared to tell these cocks "actually that's a shit idea, why would we ever want to do that" and instead it gets passed on down to the front line grunts to put on this big bullshit song and dance, and take all the shit when it (inevitably) doesn't do a goddamn thing to help either the company or the customers they're supposed to care so much about. Doubtless we'll have another round of redundancies soon, wahey!
  • blarg
    my main difficulty is actually knowing what a customer wants from me. you approach customers and they moan at you and tell you they want to be left alone. so, you leave them alone, then 2minutes later you hear them snapping their fingers at you or waving from afar whilst simultaneously asking no-one in particular quite loudly 'is anyone serving here?' It's unfortunately these inbreds who ruin it for the rest of you. I'm tired of being spoken down to by people with an amazing amount of ignorance and disregard for a fellow human being. I could get paid more stacking the shelves of a local Co-Op or standing around the self-serve section of a Tesco all day long. Instead I'd rather be doing something that doesn't contain so much monotony. I offer anti-virus sheerly down to the amount of people we get coming back to store saying their computer is running slow, even though they installed the free version of AVG (wtf?!), or that their television should be replaced on the spot because their mate Jim from down the pub told him that's what the manufacturers guarantee states. These are usually the exactly same customers who you sold an item to and didn't have the common decency to at least converse with me when I try to impart one of my many pearls of wisdom unto them. I don't even charge for advising them, I could just as easily mindlessly push the sale through the till and wave them on their way. I understand people have house or contents insurance, which is why I ask them to consider what this actually covers and what they have to do if the computer does break. I've had many a customer come in with a voucher their insurance company has issued for a replacement laptop to the value of £150. If you're happy with that, then fine. @animaus - If you think it's acceptable to call a sales person a 'sales orientated lady-douche' then I can go to sleep safer in the knowledge that Currys have one less obnoxious customer to darken our sliding door entrance. kthxbye
  • Expendable B.
    I recently (ie - last week) got laid off from DSGi, pretty much entirely as a result of this palaver. Gotta say, was quite relieved to go. Their entire business model seems totally untenable. Bring in tons of stock at piss-poor margin as "doorbusters", meanwhile lose tons of sales cause less glamorous things like fridges, cookers and washing machines are never in stock and always are up for delivery at £21.95, which pisses folk off to no end. The low-margin stock (usually 24" LG/Samsung tellies and HP G range laptops) is then bringing jack shit for profit by itself, so it then has to be sweetened up with a bunch of additional stuff, resulting in hard sells, which results in customers fucking off to Tesco. Meanwhile, the company spends very little on the front-line sales staff and warehouse dudes, instead blowing colossal amounts of cash on the [largely useless] management, shipping them to and fro at great expense to learn the latest hare-brained philosophy of business and giving them wild bonuses if they successfully terrify their sales staff into terrifying customers into buying Whatever Happens. But at no point is time really spent training people on products, or any of the legal requirements of the role or even that much in the way of Fives. Even if the economy was as healthy as a horse I couldn't see it working with the increasingly savvy British consumer, but with it in the state it's in, DSGi is well buggered.
  • animaus
    @blarg - The only reason I feel pissed off enough to insult one specific member of PC World sales staff is because she was so obnoxious with her sales pitch. I don't think it's reasonable for any customer service person to ask me repeatedly about insurance when I've already said "no thanks, I'm already covered" and explained that I'm willing accept the oh-so-horrible nightmare scenario of having to send the laptop off to the manufacturer for repair under warranty if I need to. I don't expect snide remarks from PC World staff about me making a "big mistake", or for them to use the theft of my old laptop as emotional blackmail to pressure me into buying their add-ons. I understand that some people don't know what their insurance covers and therefore you need to ask them again to make sure, but she kept pressing it. That's the kind of high-pressure sales pitch that leads people to buy extras they don't need and it's a bullshit practice foisted onto them by managers who don't understand that sometimes customers say "no" and actually mean it. I didn't walk into the store demanding to be waited on hand and foot and I did understand what I wanted, but if it makes you feel better to break life down into good vs. evil and imagine that I was a complete and utter bastard to that woman, then fine, you've already made up your mind. To be honest, if your general opinion of your customers is that they're stupid and an inconvenience it's time for you to do something else with your life. They're not there to make your life harder, they're there to keep you in a job.
  • happy
    @ pc world guy - what a arrogant ar5ehole. do u think u r making a lot more money than people from here. I am sure you are on peanut salary.. That's why you are talking like this. You could be one of those semi-literate manager who have no clue about computers but know how to terrorize your poorly trained staff about selling hopeless insurance policy. I bet you are going down with your shitty company.
  • blablabla
    The problem, as ever with "Dixons Retail", is twofold: poor stock selection/promotion and poor staff training. Why are the shelves filled with the bargain basement shite from Advent, E-Machines, Compaq, Matsui etc that make zero margin and why are these the ones that are advertised heavily? Yes I know they drive people into the store, but youre not even mentioning all the add-ons that you want staff to sell with them that generate margin. The customer has £399 in their mind and has little inclination to then spend another £100 with all the associated add-ons. Result is it makes the sales pitch more difficult and, more likely, results in negative/zero margin sales. Not to mention the stupidity of being in the position of buying stock with zero margin in the first place! And if WEH is so good and so profitable why is it NEVER advertised - EVER? I'm typing this in the comments of a blog and left the business 2 yrs ago, why can the bods in Hemel on £500K a year not see this? There is a fundamental disconnect between Hemel and branches. Its all top down and the people at the bottom are never listened to. Here's another free idea Dixons - get some of the bods from Hemel into the stores on the salesfloor for a few weeks. See if they can work miracles using FIVES, and better still, get a taster to see how demoralised your staff are.
  • Guys, I read with interest your various comments about the company that I work for. Like any company there are good and bad experiences that customers have, sadly we only hear, on the most part, about the poor experiences that you as customers receive, yet I can tell you for every bad comment there are at least 3 others that are good, but they don't get the publicity of a bad comment, as let's be honest, none of you really want to hear good things about Dixons, you've already made your minds up. I'm not a semi-literate manager and I won't be going anywhere but up with my company. By the way WEH doesn't cover theft, so I very much doubt that a colleague would use that as a selling point...
  • dixons123
    i agree with [email protected], i work for the company and actually really enjoy working for them, sure we dont have the cheapest prices, but which retailer out there can honestly say that every price they have is cheaper than the internet! no one. Sure we dont get customer service right all the time but we do try our best, some times customers will never be happy regardless of what we do. We get people in all the time who just come in to show us that their knowledge is better than ours on products and some actually are. so stop bashing dixons! if you dont like the company vote with your feet and go elsewhere,Because we will try to sell you a decent internet security rather than the free one`s because they are better for you. If i dont like a shop i dont shop there again i certainly dont go on bitterwallet and moan. Dixons will not go to the wall, Comet and bestbuy uk might but dixons wont, sure we might get taken over but the business will continue.
  • DixonsFan
    I heard Dixons will be taken over by Best Buy?
  • Igor
    Used to work for PC World for 8 years. Poor staff. I can imagine the pressure they go through every day with news like this. They are all good people. They don't want to work like robots. They don't want to be targeted on single products like norton. Give them more freedom and you might see profits increase. It would have been a much more fun place to work during my days if it was like this, and fun it needs to be! No customer wants to see a stern robotised fella trying to sell them AV, and insurance with the look of "if you dont buy this, Im gonna be sacked" on their face. Fives and mystery shops don't help as everyone is always shitting themselves over results etc.. Dixons retail is heading the wrong direction with its current policies. Go to an Apple store Mr Browett, Mr Jones. Maybe you can find a few tips for success there.
  • @dixonsfan John Browett was showing Brian Dunn (Best Buy CEO), around a few of our stores a couple of weeks ago, so maybe there will be a buyout?! Also, since JB took over at Dixons the share price has fallen approx 90%.
  • DixonsDead
    One of Dixons biggest mistakes (ever) was bringing in a third party to run the two technical support centres, this company was Capita (2006-09).... who seemed fantastic at running simple call centres such as the BBC TV licence but disastrous at technical support. They got paid per call so obviously they created a bonus scheme based on average handling time ...."you've been on that call for 15 minutes now, can you please transfer it to second level" ......."but i'm setting up the hard drive ready for Windows to install" ......."I'm sure second level can do it quicker, please tranfer NOW"..........."but they cant, it doesnt work like that". 4 weeks later the agent gets £100 for short calls but the staff that actually fixes the problem gets nothing so they quit. At one point the top prize was £1000 a month for shortest overall calls that was less than 2 minutes. Capita shut down the call quality dept as it directly hindered the bonus scheme, "your agent transfered a call to second level support for no reason? He fails bonus". In 5 year Dixons have: closed Mansfield laptop repair centre closed all Dixons stores bar a few airports branches closed Nottingham call centre (2011) All field engineer made redundant Got rid of third party courier & turned field engineers into van drivers, total disaster. (2011) closed Currys & combined with PC World mass redundancies on every level & they still cannot make a profit (in real terms). Over 98% of the technical support staff have left,fired,redundant since 2006, its the equivalent of having Rooney in goal & all of us trying to score, a company just cannot lose that volume of skill set in such a short amount of time. Best Buy made an offer couple years ago but complained about third parties being involved such as Capita & overflow repair companies (that did 1/3rd of all computer repairs). Capita have gone, third party repairs being phased out as we speak. It all screams of a deal behind closed doors to get the best deal with Best Buy. Dixons will never go bust but they WILL get taken up by Best Buy, its not a matter of if but when.
  • Thegreatescape
    As a soon to be ex colleague i would like to share my experiences. The only thing DSGI were really passionate about training was Fives, the fact finding tool with American cheesy cliché’s turned up to 11. When it came to product training, non existent... Oh well not entirely true you did have computer based training which you could undertake. However you had no time allocated to it during the working day, were always expected to remain visible, merchandise your department, price check, do tickets and generally sweep the floor with a broom up your arse. When I first joined I took the time to learn, using multiple sources such as AV Forums etc rather than just the spoon feed crap of “experienced” sales colleagues on the shop floor. Over the past six months this passion and enthusiasm has been beaten out of me by the way DSGI operates. It is very much a case of would you like a PC with your service agreement, AV, Office Bag and Set Up. Know How is clearly a further cost cutting/de-skilling of techguys/sick of being on watch dog/What Ever Happens not being worth the paper it is printed on exercise. Seb James recently also Tweeted expect bonus structure to change to be “more customer focused” with Know How. In a company with falling profits, and knowing the DSGI Fives model this would suggest making it harder for colleagues to hit bonus by upping targets and making more colleagues at risk of being got rid of. In the world of DSGI it is only by enforcing people to buy what the higher up’s dictate as right for the customer that a colleague is providing the customer with customer service and the know how. If you genuinely sell to a customer’s needs you won’t be using “Fives”, if you are kind, genuine, not pushy and making sure you do not make wild and inaccurate statements you will either be on capability or will get so pissed off you will leave. The whole company is a walking contradiction, Five’s teaches sell to a customer’s needs. Targets then suggest 50% of people need What Ever Happens. Clearly more that 50% of the country can do staggeringly out of sink and that the product is designed to profiteer. Even if a customer can do the maths [I am sure at least 90% can.] Some may think the service side adds value. Not so DSGI constantly is on watchdog, consumer forums etc for WEH not doing what it said.
  • dave1803
    Have you DSG bashers all lost the plot. Shops sell stuff, you have the choice to buy or not. Its not really rocket science in fact its a bit like walking through an open market. If you don,t want to shop in the stall just walk by and stop bitching! All companies excist to make money and if you don,t believe that you need to go primary school and open a tuck shop and trade at a loss. Seriously you lot really need to get over yourselves and start looking in the mirror before cheering the closure of 500 stores and the loss of 40,000 jobs!
  • Expendable B.
    Shops do sell stuff, dave, this is true. Shops also need to make money. So you're two for two. Absolutely nobody has a problem with a shop selling things to make money, and your belief that apparently people resent this is known, if I am correct, as a strawman argument. The problem people have with DSGi stores is the MANNER in which it attempts to sell stuff and make money. There is very little interest in having educated staff giving quality advice, or offering a good range of products and services, or being straight forward and pleasant to deal with, or having the best value for money. Instead, the focus is very much on using a web of half-truths, deceptions, intimidation, Derren Brown mumbo-jumbo and outright lies to sell either hideously overpriced add-ons (i.e, a £75 HDMI cable that's exactly the same as a £5 HDMI cable, but it comes with free screen wash and surge protector! Also you need Norton antivirus because the Nigerians will steal your details via the Internet! And a bag for your laptop! And Microsoft Office, because, and here I quote, "If you do online shopping your receipt'll come as a Word document that your computer won't understand without Office") or the, quite frankly extremely spotty, Whatever Happens service, which is of dubious value at best, and an outright con at worst. And this goal is aimed for by breathing down the necks of every salesperson all the time, treating fundamentally decent enough people like cunts and forcing them to act like cunts toward customers, and the ones who don't act cunty enough get cunted at by managerial cunts, while the ones who are willing to forswear integrity and morality and cunt it up huge style get cunting big rewards. Now compare this to, say, John Lewis, where rather than having to sit through a canned sales speech and be badgered to take a warranty and some dryer balls and an SD card and a TV stand, you just buy what you want, get any questions you have answered,and get treated like a human being by a salesperson who is, in turn, being treated as at least vaguely human by his manager. It's not hard to see who's got the right idea, y'know? Really, nobody's going to be "cheering" the job losses and the decent folks who're going to be in the shite when Curry's eventually kicks the bucket, or the increased panic and frenzy among job seekers when another 40k folk start job hunting, but the death of an institution like DSGi, built on dual cultures of fiscal incompetence and disrespect towards good, honest people, is unequivocally a Good Thing. And no amount of frenzied accusations of wild Curry's bashing parties and conspiracy from bitter Illuminati is going to change that one jot.
  • dave1803
    Seriously Mr Expendable Blue Shirt, you need to calm down, I realise you must have your own personal greviance agans Currys but please, please don,t tar everyone with the same brush. Next thing you,ll be saying is that McDonalds are the blame for obesity and tooth decay in kids and JD sports is to blame for all teenagers looking like shoplifters. The facts are Currys and PCW sell/Offer stuff to people. If they buy it is really up to them. Should people buy Office? Norton? SD cards,Tv Stand????? Well the answer is up to them not you. It is much better to ask than let people be ripped of by identity fraud or not able to do their homework or use there camera or have their tv looking good cos its stuck on top of their old sony crt tv stand! One last thing the language you use is totally out of order. So if you want to focus on incompetence I,d suggest starting by having a good lookat ones self in the mirror. I make it 7 out of 7 for the record as a strawman argument.
  • abdullah
    well its here again rebranding of techguys to knowhow then again this will be re branded again to well lets c keep it simple or maybe mastercare or dixons support..... john browett has lost the plot i tell you share prices are worse than it was seven years ago.. staff are demotivated to serve custtomers becasuse the managers are loved up with SQ coverplan weh... nortons office prm weh time delivery installation over priceed etc.. sell the customer everything but what they want to buy.. if you sell only washing machine with deilvery and no whateverhappens then you are a bastard and get cursed by your manager.. if you sell laptop with nothing you are cock fucking knobb etccc.. nice is it inside dixons house of hell DO NOT listen to a word anyone tell you at store most staff are morons n managers love colleauges who give customers wrong advise. infact they laugh... and dont care.
  • abdullah
    the whole show is run by a bunch of baboons DO NOT listen to a word anyone tell you at store most staff are morons n managers love colleauges who give customers wrong advise. infact they laugh... and dont care.
  • Jay
    I am part of a management team in a busy store. I treat all my colleagues with respect and support with no pressure apart from giving each customer a great experience and to take pride in product knowledge. I ask each member of my team to look after a customer as if you where advising someone in your family. You will always get a customer trying to catch you out based on something they have seen on Watchdog as it makes great TV. Well done but how many customers on a daily basis thank you for the help or advice given, the great service they have received or their poor service in John Lewis?????? Many every day... How many of these success stories do you hear???? Or do you choose not to listen???? My team are great and take pride in doing the right thing for the customer. I am proud of the people I work with, who are trying to set a great example (even if it is just a job in retail).
  • Ex G.
    i worked for 10 years for DSGi as it was known. 1st as an Instore Repair Engineer. Customer could bring in their faulty brown goods and we would fix it 7 days a week. This schem won an industry award for innovation when introduced. it was closed down. repairs transferred to workshops. Moved to a different division installing flat panel tvs, fitting wall brackets etc. after a weeks intensive training at building college. Hig quality work was our aim but it shifted to high quantity very soon. Then trained to repair computers PC not Apple . Install networks wireless and cabled. now came digital home installing Hi tech Home cinemas and video and audio streaming systems domestic and commercial sites. high cost systems but heavy discounting prevented high profits. this was abandoned and customer who had 2 years cover suddenly were not covered for breakdowns and service. Then came the 90 days consultation and reapply for your job with new terms and conditions. which many of the experienced engineers, 30 years in the trade or more, told them wouldn't work. so 75% walked away.those that remained find themseves without a car driving vans delivering white goods as well as repairs. not possible as the best technician had gone Sir Stanley always wanted to provide the goods and the service back up for the life of the equipment so the customer would come back to us. it seems that ethos no longer exists. A great shame I enjoyed my days at Mastercare/Tech guysmade some great mates which i keep in touch with. The new senior management have a lot to answer for they seem to be trying to kill the beast.
  • Peter
    It's not the staff that are the problem, they are placed under alot of pressure to sell this stuff, if they don't they can be placed onto Proformance Management and lose their jobs. Many staff there might have children, or pay rent, bills, etc and need the income at that point in time.
  • Paul
    Dixon's is a failing company that will soon be out of business. There is little margin left in the products so they have to sell poor value insurances and grossly overpriced add on's to make ends meet. The fact of the matter is this, Dixon's is continually on consumer programs like watchdog etc for providing poor service and insurance that doesn't pay out. Every few years this wave of criticism reaches such a level that they have to rebrand it. How shit must The Tech Guys service be if after 4-5 years it has to be changed to know how. Through the grape vine i hear SQ targets have gone through the roof and now every single sale is monitored and counts towards daily targets. An example of the stupidity of it is this. Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi and 3G RRP £152. What Ever Happens £4.99 a month. If you don't sell WEH with the Kindle you do not have the right knowledge and haven't engaged with the customer and gave them the Know How Experience according to the moronic management. Lets break this down over a year you pay over 50% of the original retail value of the item in insurance, you would have to be pig shit thick to do this and have no concept of the laws of probability. Know How like every "idea" at Dixon's is a bullyboy tactic of middle and senior management onto shop floor staff who then in turn use these bully boy tactics on their dwindling customer base. I personally cannot wait until this horrid company goes tits up..... To anyone who has never had the misfortune of working for this bunch of jokers i would say this, what other company do you see such pure venomous hatred for from ex employee's. Some of the comments on here from current employee's are common of the cocky dehumanized attitudes of middle management trying to kiss enough ass to achieve their goal of a regional management position.
  • Let's u.
    1. KnowHow is just a typical re-branding, but it offers those colleagues who are messing up more training, in the hopes that it will eventually go in. 2. It's not exactly a failing company, no stores have actually shut down. They have created 2-in-1 stores as a way of saving money, that's also why they have combined the tv adverts. It's no reason to attack them though, in this financial climate everyone and every company is trying to save money. 3. Okay, admittedly there are those sales people who force products on you, but have you ever actually stopped to consider that some of them might actually believe in what they are selling? Anti-virus so you don't completely fuck up your laptop or pc. Office because it's the most popular software in the world for word processing, power-point, spreadsheets etc. Whatever Happens because because accidents do happen. If you asked a member of staff of pc world, currys or dixons most of them would have all of these products because they see the people who come in after they've got a virus and all their uni work has been erased or after they've spilt juice all over the laptop that that need for work. Sometimes it just makes sense. 4. Ex-employees who have a 'venomous hatred' are probably those employees who have been fired and have a axe to grind. You'll see vengeful people who have been fired in every company. 5. Crappy makes like Advent and Emachines are there for people who want a basic, cheap laptop and in most branches if a customer walks into a store and asks for an Advent they are encouraged to buy something better, but if a customer on has £250-£300 to spend then they will obviously go for an Advent, in the end of the day you can't blame a company for taking advantage of an opportunity, if no 'Big Brand' is making a cheap-and-cheerful laptop for people on a budget then you can't plan Dixons Retail for filling the gap in the market.
  • Teets
    Can any one tell if this is fair? Staff that have worked for the company over 12 years get offered statutory redundancy pay but months later the middle management get offered tripple. Welcome to the Nottingham call centre that was closed.
  • unhappy c.
    Just over two years ago i purchased a computer from curry's n bought the whatever happens insurance policy, so when my motherboard went a few weeks ago i was really happy cause it wouldn't cost me anything to get it repaired. When i rang the techguys they told me it would take 10-14 days to repair, not a problem. Then today on the 13th day I get a phone call from the branch where i left my base unit, telling me that it has been delivered back to the store, oh good i'll collect it tomorrow morning, sorry that's not possible it has to be sent back as it's been damaged on delivery and it's not something they can repair in store and i'm gonna have to wait another 10-14 days. Now as you can probably understand i'm not happy, i'm inconvenienced for another 10-14 days because they hadn't thought to bubblewrap it so it wouldn't get damaged. Why should i have to wait another 10-14 days due to their incompetence when i said this to the guy in store the response i got was well if your not happy you can ring this number and see if they can do anything for you, so i ring this number and the only response i get is under the service level agreement we can take upto 28 days to return your product, hold on you've returned my product but returned it broken so you should rush it through cause it's companies responsibility again under the terms of your service level agreement, now i'm getting really peeved cause all this guy wants to say to me is under the terms of your service level agreement so i tell him i want to make a complaint because his lip service is not resolving the problem it's just winding me up. so they put me through to someone else n low n behold what's the first thing this other guy says under thew terms of your service level agreement we have 28 days to return your product. wtf... THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CURRY'S OR PC WORLD AGAIN NEVER MIND BUY ONE OF THEIR INSURANCE POLICIES, COMPLETE AND UTTER INCOMPETENCE.
  • Ed A.
    I bought a TV from Currys and had difficulty with some of the more obscure facilities. In-store support was very good, but the online technical support was completely useless. I logged a problem at their website, and had a reply which was technically incorrect. I tried to correspond with them, but got no further response. Logging another call asking them to respond to my emails simply got a repeat of the previous incorrect response. Eventually in desperation, I wrote to their customer service address, with a copy to their CEO, but received no reply to either. Avoid Currys like the plague!
  • Todd M.
    Well I heard last month that Dixons are going to open up inside Harrods but sell only high end gear, bet they get much better pay than the CA's in PCW/Currys!
  • New S.
    1 month into the job and I find myself being pulled apart. On one side of strain is the management telling me to go through all the steps (5ives) to sell the customer the 'whole package' by getting to know everything about the customer's life. On the other side of the strain is the customer saying "no" to everything I offer. Although I can coax a few customers into buying HDMI cables, with the fancy adapter and the wipes; I won't last long in the company if that is my only add on. Consider this situation: I have been through the 'journey' with the customer and did everything to the book with a smile on my face and for the customer to insist that their 22" tv will only be used in the bedroom, without anything to put into any HDMI slots and because it's only £100 they don't want the instant replacement, because "we'll just go and buy a cheaper tv in 3 years' time". Which seems okay to me if that is all they want, but I find it really, REALLY infuriating when a more experienced colleague or manager goes up to them and spends another 10 minutes trying to establishing for themselves why they didn't want anything other than the tv, going through the 5ives again, even though I had already done it, and especially when they can't actually get any better results than did. So when I get my performance review of what i've hit and not hit, they wonder why so many goods sold were dry and of course, I need 5ives training and I need to be more positive about selling. I understand that some people are brilliant at their sales job in Currys, and I wish them all the best, but I can't bend truths and come up with stories of woe about "the new tv which broke", justified with "like my friend's car when the clutch fell on the floor and these things just happen with new technology, so best to WEHs it"; common sense tells me just to avoid it. Don't worry, i'll look for another job.
  • Geoff
    I worked for Mastercare for 12 years as an engineer, and between 1990 and 2003 it was a good company to work for, and Service was 'sold' in those days. It has to be accepted that the days when most electrical appliances were economically repairable have long gone, and the need to cut engineering staff was obvious. However a massive source was lost to Dixons, and outsourcing repairs was both costly and necessary with the wealth of experience that was then available to them. But the biggest nail in the Mastercare coffin was when it was decided (circa 2000) that all the service centres collection and delivery drivers were to to made redundant,and distribution vans and drivers would take on the roll. Distribution drivers understandably couldn't give a stuff about repairs, after all they were not answerable to the same management. Unpackaged repairs were being placed on the same lorries as American sized freezers and ranges, needless to say endless products both repaired and un-repaired were arriving back at the service centre badly damaged. We were replacing TV cabinets, tubes and screens by the score, probably 50% of repairs needed cosmetic work as well as the original fault, not to mention lost remote controls and accessories. Most items were written off, and the customers given replacement items (I guess at an average of £400 a time) I dread to think what the cost was to the company, and all for the cost of six drivers/mates per service centre. No top management listen to local management as both Distribution and Service had different MD's, they just paid lip service. What forced me to leave in the end was the fact that management worried more if I missed out a serial number of the repaired product more so than whether I had actually repaired it correctly, that, and the bloody stupid and costly non technical training courses (Values etc) that we kept getting sent on. Oh and the shares were £4 in my day!
  • AngelLaHash
    Just asking a QUESTION (as i work for currys in one way or another and they have put a baning order or me slagging off the company, fair do's) I know they have LOWERED the Basic Rate of Pay to MIN for any NEW WAREHOUSE so they dont have to pay the AGENCY any more than they already do. But as far as i can read the NEW Agency rules that I am treated EQUALY to FULL TIME works, so this 10% off and this SHIFT alowance, i should be getting paid.. But i dont know if this is all ture if they do get paid this and all that. Addeco fidding the holidays by ROUNDING down mm well hard to keep tabs as any time you want holidays you have to ask them, POWER and all that. So if any one could tell me what Perkes any warehouse person gets working for the company would be keen on it.. Shift alowance .. holidays .. 10% off .. how long you worked for the company .. might be able to push that .. been there for a year and 3/4 but keep kicking you out for 2 weeks and coming back, so far been in my present department for over a year.
  • oojimmyflip
    my son actually worked for currys and he admits what they sell us is basically crap, they even sell electrical equipment that has been returned repaired and put back on sale as new. when I buy something new I expect it to be new not bloody second hand or even part used. they fortunately closed down his store because sales were so poor their basic profits were made on batteries of all things but only because they were so bloody expensive to buy. and yes they do get commission on a sale if they can sell you an insurance contract but dont be fooled by the nice fella above telling you he is only doing it because he cares about his customers at the end of the day he isnt writing in his diary what a wonderful experience he had at work today speaking to all the lovely customers he couldnt give a shit, which is the whole truth. and when someone takes back his 50 inch lcd display and he has owned it for only 3 months the company will give him a voucher to purchase another set taking off the 3 months usage of the brand new one he bought only three months earlier basically charging him rental for buying a brand new display and all this bollocks about if one pixel goes wrong in the middle of a plasma.lcd. led display you have to live with it crap. take no notice of the salesman go straight to trading standards about it because here in the uk that is a manufacturers standard not the current consumer standard so if your expensive flat panel tv drops a pixel or three you are entitled to a new tv a direct replacement for the old one not a feckin voucher and bran d new dispaly panel. why the feck would I buy a contract to repair my New goods and start paying for it in the first year of ownership, it has a 12 month guarrentee doesnt it?
  • keithmaine
    Well, I can tell you alot about this company PC world and Currys, Beware of the Techguys now changed too KnowHow? Do you like being Ripped off? I know i don’t want to be ripped off, well if you are buying a new computer they offer you add ons be warned you don’t need the extra crap they are selling you. They will offer you to buy an AntiVirus worth £29.99 you can download free Microsoft Secuirty Essentails just as good and yet it free. They offer you Microsoft Office 2010 for £69.99 buy Norton AntiVirus or Mcafee for £99.98 you can buy all these’s but you can all this for free Download Openoffice.org its free just as good as the rest be careful of there after care service called. WhatEverHappens, what you get for this well 21 days repairs and a free yearly Healthcheck and accidental damage, well you get 12 month manufactures warranty for 12 months and basic online support so no need to buy 24/7 or techfriends because there are people all over the country who can remove all or setup ur computer for a small fee, i can tell you what they are offering you is rubbish if you went to the stores they will selling you anything to gain extra bonus. Did you know there’s about 98% of the Techguys or Knowhow Technicians am not even qualified, some don’t have Microsoft Certified certificates or Comptia A+ quantification these people are self taught they just learnt the basics at home or in there spare time, Now would you have someone mess with your computers who aren’t even qualified, well they looked at mine 1 month ago, they deleted all my personal data which i paid for them to backup to my externals hdd they charged me £90 and they reset my computer and gave it back to me My daughter computer home work was deleted my work and photo wasn’t backed up all they did was restore my computer, so all my family have lost my whole history and files in seconds i did manage to back up some stuff to another exteranl harddrive but when they charged me for data recovery they wanted to make me pay a further £80 they said they would send off to another store or locations. You been warned keep away from currys and Pcworld they aren’t qualified and don’t have a glue about computers. If you need a reliable repair engineer look around before hand, there are many so please please don’t but anything currys they will rip you off and loose your files you have been warned remember 98% of their knowhow team players am not qualified repair technicians all they like to do is send your computers away and sometimes they come back up repaired or missing bits or things like this from keith
  • keithmaine
    Buying a computer is great and buying those extra add ons wow well it true you don't need them, be care full of that Cloud service 1 year or 5 years what a complete rip off you can get free online storage for free if you look around yes free. Also that carp insurance policy they selling you what a load of shit that is, i had a Virus on my computer they wanted to sell me Norton secuirty and Virus removal, for so much, i only went in to see how much they were going to charge me, wow what a shocking price, I am in the Business of IT Tuition but i walked out, the man behind the Counter was a complete lier, he was trying bullshit me with jargon, thinking i was think twat, not stating i may know more than he actually does, listening to his lies and bull crap made me even more angry because he was only interesting in selling me a product and service which was a waist of time, his name is Mohammed he works on the Knowhow desk on Customer services. These people don't know nothing about computer repairs all they want is your money money, it like they were begging for the service, this young Asian man Mohammed was giving me the spill of bullshit you knew all he was interesting in was the sale he the man who lost me my work and my photo's my uni work was on there as well, this man i would not trust ever again i believe him once never again on the Desk there was an older man who knew his stuff, when he was talking to me, he said what he would do for me and he went through this in detail, and how he would do this for me, my daughter was with me in the shop, he listened to the older man, she said let him do it dad she said., but because of the younger Asian man i would have the job done because he was telling me and explaining crap to me, i will never shop in PCworld or Curry ever again because of the lies and crap information, I must state one thing the older man gent was very nice and very professional and polite he knew his computer technology my name is Keith
  • chris b.
    Hi Remember Rumbelows I was a TV engineer for 15 years at there Ealing Branch. Rumbelows went bust soon after be taken over by a management buy out They did not open out of Town stores lost track, because they did not listen to the market and gave bad service in the end good engineers left. History is repeating itself with Dixons and recently Comets alike.
  • Jasson
    Use to work at a electrical retailer years back, even that it's not this one, after leaving it nice not having to care about peoples opinions, plus if they come back or not. I earn a higher wage, less crap from people and I'm doing something I like. Please don't expect amazing customer service from retail, with low wages, high pressure, the expectation that you should know everything, plus customers treating staff like crap and wasting your time making complaints about stupid stuff, that no one really cares about, even that they fake they do (but they are leaving anyway). Feels some customers are like this "I'm a customer, I expect the highest leves of knollege, I expect you to never make a mistake, I expect perfection and treat me like a queen/king, I expect perfection and If I do not get it, I'll make a written complaint to the head office, I expect to treat staff like shit and use them as a human punch bag and expect them to be mind readers and place unreasonable demands on them, plus I expect that at one low price (low paid staff)". Retail i like, the arseholes I had to deal with, I hated.
  • Jasson
    When I say arseholes, I mean it, they think they can treat staff like crap because they have a wallet, guess what, I'm a consumer too, how whould you like me to go to your work place as a cliet/customer and place the same demands on you and treat you like crap, a human punch bag? Rant over.
  • alf2012
    to all the moany customer service staff on here slating "obnoxious" customers. these customers pay your wages. if you are unable to handle difficult customers or joe public in general then go work in a factory pushing buttons on a machine. if you work with the public you will have to deal with pricks.its part and parcel of the job. get over it and skill yourself up on how to turn them around rather than coming on forums moaning. you are the reason these retail stores are closing because you dont give a monkeys about customers or respect the fact that they are keeping you off the dole queue.
  • Winchester
    A lot of the sales people in there are under alot of pressure to sell extras to people. I feel alot of the things they recommend are more of intrest to them than in the customers needs, as the sales person might have lots of targets and reviews by their manager to see how well they are going to sell extras to people. I recommend that you go to a smaller, less pressured place to get your advices, where you can talk to a real expert giving out a ture opinion, not under pressure of their manager/company to a target for extras, you might not need or want.
  • tinkerbell
    Currys is shit orders and paid for tablet for son never received it and still waiting on refund they couldn't give to shits about there customers I'm left with a very disappointd little boy as he wanted this and am out of pocket
  • Jessica
    But if people think that they can treat staff like rubbish because the staff work in retail and they "pay their bills", would it be right to turn the tables and treat that other person like crap in their work place, because they pay their bills and keeping them of the dole queue? One persons servant is another persons customer. Treating people with mannors is not about paying someone elses bills, or you having power over someone else and treating them like crap, because you pay their bills. It's about being a decent person and treating others the way you wish to be treated with in the society we live in . Keeping in mind these people probably pay your bills in some way, directly or indirectly, from the money they earn and the demand of product they create. Does that give them any reason to treat you like rubbish, I think not.
  • Jessica
    Top comment is in reply to a pass comment made a while back.
  • Jame
    In my opinion, worst company ever.

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