PC World and Currys launch combined superstore

They said it couldn't be done. They said it would be impossible to achieve. But one company had a vision. One company dared to dream, of a store where customers could buy printer cables alongside George Foreman grills, vacuum cleaners and comfortable desk furniture, MacBooks bundled together with Kenwood food processors.

Welcome my friends, to the holy matrimony of two stores, PC World and Currys, in a trial store that's been launched in Surrey, combining your favourite high street brands. According to PC Retail, the site is "15,000 square foot and contains a product mix incorporating both retailer’s portfolios."

Now we've slid into a full-blown recession, combining stores would be a simple way to reduce staff numbers and the significant overheads attached to operating large retail sites. More likely, Best Buy's name has cropped up in discussions prior to the trial. Their impending launch in the UK will threaten the market share of both chains, and combining brands might present a more competitive consumer offer.


  • Just i.
    and who is going to service the product's.
  • Mike H.
    Or Curry world?
  • Andy D.
    Mmmmm, Curry World......
  • Mike H.
    Yeah stuff the electricals, just sell a vast range of currys, all priced higher than TESCO's, then try to sell you 12 months of rice and naan breads at overly extortionate prices.
  • chrisg
    Won't the relinquishing of retail units simply serve as a catalyst for Best Buy to move in next door?
  • David
    "combining stores would be a simple way to reduce staff numbers".,... How cold they reduce staff number any more? The reason so many people walk out without buying something is cause they can;t find any staff to tell how much soemthing is cause nothing is ever priced up
  • callum
    Whenever I walk into a PC World, Currys or Comet I'm approached by staff asking if I need help (the answer usually being no). In fact, I used to get annoyed at the large number of overly-helpful staff - probably for the commission.
  • OFI
    Saw this coming a mile off, it's the only way they will possibly survive. I expect some stores to get pulled entirely in favour of online sales.
  • Dic W.
    I think they'll only survive if they start flogging curry's.....
  • sam
    I have been in this store! It is in Weybridge (brooklands) right near my college. All it is is pc world down bellow, currys upstairs...thats all
  • John J.
    Well another BitterWallet slagging off for DSGi and all of it's staff. Yep were over priced, and under staffed. Why are you lot so intent in hoping DSGi goes under loosing more staff their income etc? But you all come into our stores looking around, then get annoyed when a member of staff come up to you asking if you need any help. Customer service at it's basic. Don't you get this anywhere else? As for the commission, that was abolished years ago.
  • Paul N.
    We're not hoping they go under. We're hoping they get smarter about what consumers want and get more competitive. That's a wishlist for most stores not just dsgi.
  • andy b.
    "Why are you lot so intent in hoping DSGi goes under loosing more staff their income etc? " The correct word would be LOSING. Loser. Hence why you apparently work for DSGi. lol
  • Rubisco
    "But you all come into our stores looking around, then get annoyed when a member of staff come up to you asking if you need any help." Try getting some half-decent training then. After some of the ignorant crap I've heard your colleagues spout, I just don't trust advice from DSGi. Some staff are alright yes, but you'd have more luck by asking a random geeky-looking guy in the street.
  • me
    Rubisco if you don't like the advice then don't shop there ...easy really and Andy ... at least JCB Jones has a job and isn't getting his income of the government whilst you aspire to getting a job in McDonalds.
  • Mike H.
    John, I bet your PCWorld name tag is wider than you are!
  • imp
    i work for currys, our store is nextdoor to a pc world , i thought thi swould happen ages ago, thats my job gone then,
  • imp
    we dont say do you need any help , you dont know about fives then, lol
  • Breaking B.
    [...] Further there is a rumour that PC World and Currys stores within close proximity will be merged under a single General Manager instead of running independently. Could this be related to the Currys/PC World trial store now running in Surrey? [...]
  • DSGi F.
    [...] Manager instead of running independently. Could this be related to the Currys/PC World trial store now running in Surrey? looks like pcworld/currys/dixons could be next on the recession hit list... [...]
  • will
    I used to work at Currys. I started their when there was commision and although I have now left I have to say that Currys and PC World staff dont get commision anymore (not for the last 2-3 years) instead there is a TEAM bonus where by ALL work together for the whole. So if staff are being polite, smiley and helpful then it is genuine not a where's my money attitude. In our store it made a big differeence although people complained they realised what they had to do and helped others improve in their customer technique. End result if the customer leaves happy with what THEY want then the employee can feel happy at the fact that that customer will return because they trust the salesman. Simple logic used to its best. It is the same attitude with essentials, add-ons and product support options. Take it from one who knows!!!!!
  • matthew
    I don't understand why if all you lot hate the group so much, then what motivates you to come onto sites like this and slate it. If you think it's overpriced and you don't like the service you receive then the simple thing to do is not to shop there, simple! Then you wouldn't need to come on here and complain would you?!
  • moi
    ha that's actually my store ur all slagging off. it's a good store and the staff there actually do know what they're talking about :) there's no commision any more so maybe instead of complaining you should accept our help ?! x
  • the v.
    @matthew If you dont complain then things will never change....... change for better is good yes? simple :P
  • imp
    currys doesnt give its workers any help at all, they dont help when a member of staff is off with stress related illness caused by bullying within the workplace by a fellow staff member , after various complaints and after filling loads of reports the only choice left is to have to get a sicknote from the doctors, after 4 months off sick, not 1 letter, not 1 phone call or even a text , about how are you? or anything.
  • Mervin X.
    @ matthew, you just show the same attitude that everyone i've seen in pcworld/currys do! which planet do you live in? in these days of tough economic climate, as store employees, you should be attracting customers and not openly represent your employer and claim 'the simple thing to do is not to shop there'. the things in pcworld and currys are always over-priced, the service is crap and hence, i don't shop there anymore. with your post, you have just increased that list of people who hate the group and would like to see it go like MFI!
  • jojokit
    I think that it is a great thing which the merger has done also the fact that customers believe that they don't get sufficient help should try and do their own homework for once in their lives rather than being middle aged miserable aholes
  • Daniaal S.
    there is one in burton called currys pc world
  • david
    **** LOVE THE `STAR WARS` style advert, it was from a galaxy far far away lol.......***** looks like `Comet' are in for another blow!!!
  • martness
    most people who need help in a shop ask for it ..it is really annoying when a sales assistant nails you as soon as you set foot in the door specialy if after two minutes of you browsing you are asked again by the same guy...then again (look mate what part of the word no don't you understand and when you do ask for help say something like this motherboard bundle ...is it any good for overclocking has it had aburn in test etc etc or have you got any sound cards with optical io and you get the reply... I only work in sales I don't realy know much about pcs ??????????

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