OnLive app gives you streaming gaming on the move

8 December 2011


Cloud gaming, yeah? That’s where it’s at these days, with OnLive leading the way. In case you haven’t got a sodding clue what we’re on about, it’s a new way of playing games with everything stored in ‘the cloud’ and streamed to your computer or OnLive console box thingy.

There’s various ways of paying for OnLive – you can try them for few days, buy them outright or pay monthly for a package of games. Now there’s some added fuss as they’ve launched an app, allowing you to play games wherever you are on your mobile device (as long as you’ve got a decent internet connection).

Some games, including LA Noire, will have bespoke touchscreen controls created by their developers, taking advantage of features like the accelerometer. Meanwhile, others will use OnLive's own ‘vPad’ on-screen controls. The tablet apps will also be compatible with a new wireless controller which is being sold for £39.99. At the launch of the app, 25 games will be touchscreen-controllable while the rest of OnLive’s 200-games catalogue for tablets will work with the controller.

The app is in the Android Market now and an iOS version is ready, pending Apple’s approval. So the hardware’s cheaper than an Xbox or a PS3 and the ability to play anywhere is there. So what’s the catch? Are you an OnLive user? Give us the lowdown on it…

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  • Mark H.
    I'm on OnLive user. It works very well (been enjoying Saints Row 3 on it recently). Being able to play games on my iPad will make the service even more useful for me.

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