One of the iconic Monopoly pieces faces the axe

NO! SAY IT AIN’T SO! The complete IDIOTS behind Monopoly are planning to scrap one of the game’s iconic tokens, with the public getting to vote in a charade that couldn’t look more like a publicity stunt if it tried – and here’s us giving it publicity! Gnnnrrrrr…

Aforementioned idiots Hasbro are ready to ditch one from the current line up of iron, the car, the thimble, the boot, the top hat, the battleship, the Scottie dog and the wheelbarrow, with the public getting to have their say via Facebook or Twitter, as is the modern way.

They’ve already got a shortlist of ‘modern’ replacements lined up, with a diamond ring, guitar, robot, helicopter or cat poised to take the place of the unlucky loser.

We’re not going to tell you where to specifically go in order to vote because we think the whole thing is a load of old balls, but if you want to join in, feel free to indulge yourself. Thimble out, robot in please.


  • Martin
    everyone knows the car is the best, so vote for that to teach them a lesson
  • Milky
    Perhaps they ought to do a "chav edition" uk Monopoly, god know's they've done everything else to death.... Should make for some interesting counters. you just know it'll be the wheelbarrow that gets the chop!
  • Kevin
    I've never had a set that had a wheelbarrow or a artillery gun
  • Idi A.
    @ Kevin Me neither. Is this one of those pieces of PR that's supposed to create a swell of outrage and publicity, and then the company backs down and mops up a load of good karma? I seem to remember the Beano doing similar when they said they were planning to drop the Bash St Kids, also Heinz claiming they were going to stop making Salad Cream. Neither happened.
  • Keith
    "The complete IDIOTS behind Monopoly are planning to scrap one of the game’s iconic tokens" Idiots who get intelligent websites like this one to write all about it...
  • Jason
    It better not be the boot. If its the boot, Christmas games will be ruined.
  • Piers M.
    Think of the headlines if one does go! Ironed Out! Cars Banned! No more Doggy Style! Boot gets the Boot! Thimble Sinful!
  • Mike O.
    Thing is theres only 6 pieces in modern monopoly anyway. Thimble, gun and wheelbarrow been gone for donkeys years. Disclaimer: I could be talking utter b******s
  • Terry
    Just get rid of the gun.. It doesn't even stand up that well.

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