Not Quite Deathwatch: Dixons post losses but put positive spin on it.

Where in the world? PC World! Oh. Dixons Retail have posted an increase in losses, but hey, they’re happy and everything’s groovy so shut up okay?

Last year’s annual losses of £6.9m have become £25.3m but they say it’ll all be okay because they’re improving their customer service and that’s going to keep us all going back into their loss-making establishments. They say that as well as refitting 250 of their stores, Dixons, Currys and PC World are focussing on offering more specialist advice to us, the average thick-headed punters.

It might be working - a survey quoted by the BBC says that 71% of customers would now be highly likely to recommend the store, compared with 43% a year ago. CEO John Browett said: "In what remains a challenging environment, the pace and impact of improvements in our operating model is driving outperformance versus our competitors and market share gains."

Falls in same-store sales from 7% to 3% from quarter to quarter suggests that they could be turning things around. Throw in the troubles of Best Buy and Comet, and the chance that Dixons could grow bigger and stronger again is a possibility.

Or is it? What do YOU LOT reckon?


  • james d.
    The daily mail told me dsg was about to go bankrupt and it's all the rioters fault.
  • Me
    I hope to see NOKIA on deathwatch!
  • scotty
    hoping for any company to appear on DeathWatch, or go bankrupt is an indication of someone being a very narrow-minded person. Nokia employ thousands of people. Jobs are hard to come by as it is already, even worse if all those people are fighting for jobs aswell. Less money into the economy, etc. etc. Each to their own I suppose
  • Ilikedixonsactually
    For one, i'm happy that dixons are around. If anyones been into their new stores recently, they'd find that their staff are a lot more helpful and knowledgable, they've got more products to look at and use, and their prices are pretty good. I'd rather pay a few quid more to get it now and know that the service backs them up. And, yes, 12 months ago i'd never consider shopping with them. Now, i find them much better than the pompous John Lewis who think they know everything. Comet on the other hand, tgey are the dixons of a year ago!
  • Andy
    Blah, blah, blah ... spotty kid ... blah, blah, blah ... expensive cables ... blah, blah, blah ... terrible service. Yawn, thought i would get in there before anyone else. I like to see their stores on the high street.
  • yawn
    What is it that bitterwallet really hate about Dixons? It's getting repetitive and tedious. Their stores are OK. Those who say otherwise should really think about wanting them gone. Anyone fancy getting any kind of advice from Tesco?
  • Unknown
    Time to go to Richer Sounds if you want cheap televisions just stick to your guns on what you wish to purchase and don't be sold onto the LG and Onkyo products you do not want... Hopefully DSG group will begin to treat the staff properly soon. I have friends who work there and it really isn't a stimulating and fun environment.
  • CitizenMeh
    If any electrical store makes it through, it'll be Dixons and at least it's a British company unlike Comét and Bye Buy. In saying that, their staff aren't great so Darth Vader should crack some skulls :P
  • me
    @ Scotty: Who asked for your opinion? Some people hate Ryanair, some Dixons... I actually dislike Nokia for personal reasons. BTW I could not give a fuck about people from Nokia losing their jobs.
  • mr l.
    They place is a dive, know how at newark is a joke, if you saw what i have saw first hand you would not buy from them. your being ripped off buying insurance policies, that you don,t really need. You can go on the internet do a good searcha and get a better deal all round. Your problem is with you people these days, you have no patience to wait a while. AAggghhh what the hell, over spend if you want. oh and dixons is american owned not british, and know how is the same the company, so is comet, so is pc world, they are all owned by the same company. Why do you think they are more hard sellers of insurance/warranty products, think about it ??????????????/........ any bells going off yet. there staff are,nt great at all, i went in to try them out. I asked some dummy questions from a book, to try to see if they were lieing to me about the product. They were, i stopped them and told them i was,nt interested. I got a 50 inch tv brand new online for £329.95 all in with 3 yr warranty, and they were much better in explaining things to me, at dixons all i got was let me ask my colleague, what a big load of crap. Just shows you how greedy people have become in money, your obsessed with money. anyway i got a excellent deal by looking elsewhere online, remember you dont ahve to use the same old norm companys you see there are hundreds of bargins online just because you havent heared of them does,nt mean they are not any good. My deal was great completely. your options. 1 get ripped off 2 do some online internet research with other stores and save 100,s.
  • ted d.
    the company is horrible to work for all that happened to me was threats and bullying. avoid.

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