Not of this world? PC World - dead actor haunts customers

Bitterwallet - Rodney Dangerfield works at PC WorldAvid Bitterwallet reader Chris is being haunted by a dead man, and it's all the fault of PC World. It seems this otherworldly interference is also preventing Chris from unsubscribing from their newsletter. A Machavellian scheme of witchcraft to tighten their grip on technology retail, or an IT worker at head office dicking about? You decide:

For my sins, I have at some time signed up to the PC World mailing list.  I've since realised the error of my ways and have been trying to unsubscribe. As is required of them by law, there is a little 'unsubscribe' link in the footer of the email.

Chris provided us with the link, so we tried to unsubscribe him too. Initially it appears to be successful, albeit a little broken with a random fragment of code visible:

Bitterwallet - Bitterwallet reader attempts to unsubscribe from PC Wolrd mailing listNot to worry, we thought, because the unsubscribe button is still visible. Clicking on it, however, plunged us into a hellish paranormal nightmare worthy of Most Haunted:

Bitterwallet - beware the spirit of Rodney Dangerfield!

It seems almost too incredible to believe, that PC World may be involved in dark magic - voodoo, perhaps - and have reanimated American comedian and star of Caddyshack, Rodney Dangerfield, who died in 2004. Yes, that is too incredible to believe, and in fact somebody at PC World is using the star of a 30 year-old fratboy titfest as a default field in the information.

More importantly, Bitterwallet reader Chris still can't unsubscribe from the PC World mailing list, no matter how many times he clicks the bloody button - he's still receiving their newsletter. Damn you, Dangerfield.


  • Nobby
    Can't he set filters to auto-delete anything from PC World. Or is there an option to change his email address to [email protected]
  • Paul
    You think that's difficult try cancelling from their "whatever happens premier club" and stopping them taking money from your account. Even though you never agreed to it and they have no direct debit mandate authorising them to do so.
  • LEE T.
    just letting you know – your site is fantastic!

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